Twitter Header Size – Practices and Guidelines 2023

If you want to attract viewers to your Twitter account, designing a fascinating twitter header that captures attention is critical.

Like other social media platforms, there are certainly some specific instructions for cover photos or profile photos including appropriate dimensions and formats.

In this article we will show you in details about how to create an ideal header and bonus some useful tips to draw attention to your Twitter.

Why Is The Twitter Cover Photo Important?

As you know Twitter header is the image at the top of your profile page. It is the first image which users see when they visit your profile. And if you want to impress them at the first sight, you should not miss this chance.

Having your header photos perfectly performed without any distortion or blur is the first thing you must know before thinking about other things to make your banner appealing.

The Ideal Twitter Header Size

Here are Twitter’s recommendations for cover photo size:

  • Recommended size are 1500px by 500px
  • Images can be in any of the following formats: JPGGIF, or PNG. (Twitter does not support animated GIFs for profile or header images).

That seems easy and simple, right? Actually it isn’t. Those dimensions seem to work well, but It does not mean that they will fit perfectly in every situation.

The Ideal Twitter Header Size

Look at the above image. What can you see? Is the header image fully displayed? Absolutely not. There is still some space in the lower left corner that is occupied by Twitter profile photo and other invisible space as well.

Therefore, even when you’ve generated a perfect cover image, twitter still crops your image and so it can’t be displayed in full dimension.  

For this reason, if you want your header photo to be displayed most perfectly, your ideal photo size should be 1263px by 421px.

Tips for a perfect Twitter banner image:

  • Leave room for your avatar image. Because profile image may account for some corner of your header, you should pay attention to this when designing Twitter banner photo.
  • Put important items in the center so that they can be fully displayed.
  • Leave space around the border so that when Twitter crops the image, it creates no influence on your image’s content.
  • Use high quality pictures. According to Twitter, it recommends JPG to header images.
  • Apply a few selected colors that represent your brand image because image with few colors can stand JPG compression better.

How To Make Your Twitter Header Photo Attractive?

Correct header size will definitely help Twitter present your image better. However, to make your Twitter header become more attractive or unique, it also depends on the content of your header photo.

So here are some suggestions of what you should put on your Twitter header photo:

  • Stick to your brand: whether you are running a campaign or promote your brand, having your social banner images connected to your brand will help to boost brand awareness.
  • Show your products: Featuring your products on banner photo will make it easier to capture your potential clients.
  • Show what you are doing: Using images which depicts exactly what you are doing will help to attract people who have same interest with you.
  • Go minimal: You no need to go too complicated with your header banner photos. Just a simple but recognizable brand image is enough to make your profile stand out.


It is undeniable the effectiveness of Twitter banner on your social media marketing strategy. Therefore, having the right Twitter header size is the initial part when you start building your Twitter channel. Wrong image size makes photos over-pixelated or distorted, which can ruin all of your effort in creating stunning header photos. And of course, you absolutely do not want it happen, do you?

By Jon Martindale

Jon Martindale is a New York-based writer specializing in product reviews, deals and coupons. His mission is to help readers make smart purchasing decisions by highlighting the best products on the market at the most affordable prices.

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