SoundCloud Banner Template – Understanding Size and Banner Anatomy

Creating a SoundCloud banner template to portray your persona while also grabbing attention is easier said than done. But once the basics are in place, you can streamline this complicated, creative process.

When you create perfectly sized visuals, you’re making sure that your music and channel are being represented the most accurately. For example, a SoundCloud banner template can either make or break the way the world sees you on that music platform.

Leaving a good first impression is what every artist wants to achieve on SoundCloud. Before the user even clicks on that PLAY button, the very first thing he/she lays eyes on is the banner. And then the profile photo.

This podcast and music streaming platform has transformed the lives of many podcast creators and artists. It’s quite unbelievable how millions of people all across the globe can see your simple SoundCloud banner and profile photo.

So what really is the correct SoundCloud banner template size? And how to go about creating a banner that attracts attention and peaks interest levels? I have the answers if you have the time to go through them below.

The Ideal Soundcloud Banner Template Size

The Ideal Soundcloud Banner Template Size

Ideally, the banner should be 2480 pixels x 520 pixels. As for the image format, it can be either PNG or JPEG. Make sure the size of the file doesn’t exceed 2 megabytes.

Now that you know the proper dimensions and details. You can go about setting up an original, most appealing image.

Visuals take up most of the living space on social media, even SoundCloud as a matter of fact. No two ways about that!

So you’ll be playing your cards right if you show your brand name and design as a genuine artist. The photo you pick or create leaves a better impression. If it tunes well with your genre, type, and category of music!

This holds true even in the case of podcast channels on SoundCloud. The banner template should assist your listeners to relate to your content.

So don’t neglect the importance of design, structure, and color. The image is put in place to display who and how you/your podcast or music are.

The banner is a great location for adding details you want your listeners to check out immediately. So it’s very important to practice simplicity, above all else.

Make sure the text is not hogging all of the space. Most of the area should be occupied by appealing images and visuals.

Along the same lines, ensure consistency. With your SoundCloud banner template, profile picture, and other relevant photos. Meaning use the same font style and colors. Also, the image should maintain a high-quality standard.

Want to know more about the best practices for creating the ideal SoundCloud banner template? Then please keep reading.

How to Create an Outstanding SoundCould Banner

The first impression might just be your last. The banner and profile picture on SoundCloud are what people see first when checking out your page. Based on that, they form an idea about your music in their head. And after that, the PLAY button is put to use, or not.

This is the reason you should never downplay the importance of creative SoundCloud artwork. Your banner should be an extension of your personality and brand. A unique and memorable image is certainly going to make a positive impact.

SoundCloud Banner Anatomy

#1 Color Palette

What are your true colors? Whatever they are, it’s time for you to show them. Flaunt them proudly!

The color palette of your brand automatically becomes the color palette of your SoundCloud banner. But what if you don’t have an established brand yet? How about creating a new palette altogether then!

Choosing a suitable color palette is something you can do in many ways. You’re free to select just a single color and create a monochromatic identity. Or choose complementary colors for creating a memorable visual personality.

But what really defines your color palette? Let’s find out!

  • Black & White

No doubt, it’s a classy combination. And more often than not, the chances of failure reduce when you choose safe color options. Like black and white together!

  • Monochrome

What happens when you stick by just a single color for your SoundCloud banner? Is it a smart move?

To be completely honest, YES TOTALLY! The proof of which are big brands like Nike and Facebook. Their monochromatic visual identity is what makes them so recognizable. On every social media platform and otherwise!

  • Neon

If you’ve not heard this before then let me break it to you. Neon is considered the new black as far as image representation for artists is concerned.

When you pick neon colors, it means your music doesn’t fall in the category of mundane or ordinary. Rather it’s offbeat and more inclined toward the genre of nightlife music.

  • Analogous Colors

This color palette consists of colors from the same family. One very apt example is the combination of blue, green, and turquoise. Many brands and artists apply analogous colors to their creative images. So that they can leave a lasting impression!

  • Complementary Colors

Also known as contrasting colors. These include 2 colors that are totally opposite in terms of their position on the wheel. But, at the same time, they complement one another. For instance, blue and orange, yellow and violet, green and red, etc.

  • Tetradic or Triadic Colors

When you look at the popular color wheel, the colors that can be identified using the triangle are triadic colors. As for tetradic, they are visible using a square. For example, primary colors yellow, red, and blue. And secondary colors green, orange, and purple.

#2 Logo

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to place your logo right on your banner template. Many artists and podcast creators prefer adding the logo to their profile photo. But there’s no one right answer here. Both ways work in your favor. So it’s all up to you how you wish to make the most of your brand logo.

#3 Design

Do you find illustration styles attractive or attention-grabbing? If yes, then why not add one or more stylized icons to complement your slogan or name on your SoundCloud banner?

When it comes to designing the banner, you can use shapes and/or typography. Here’s another great piece of advice I would like to offer. No icon, shape, or typography compares to a PICTURE OF YOU.

How about a filtered photo of you recording in the studio or performing on stage? It’s authentic, personal, and characterizes your personality.

But you prefer not to choose this path? Then here are some of the most important design elements you might want to keep in mind. When designing your SoundCloud banner template.

It’s these design elements that are a part of branding. And when branding, verbal identity plays a crucial role. It consists of your name, a creative slogan, and typography for communication.

  • Your Name

Listing your location and name at the top of the banner SoundCloud does automatically. But this doesn’t mean you cannot add your name in a particular font on your SoundCloud banner. Many artists already do that, so don’t hesitate.

  • Your Slogan

Every brand or business has some kind of a slogan. When you set up your SoundCloud profile and page, you inevitably turn into a brand. So seriously consider coming up with a slogan. Make it memorable and surprising. Put together a few words that describe your beliefs, keep it as simple as that.

Another way to go about it is to use a Call to Action instead. It motivates the audience to take particular actions. Such as booking tickets, purchasing albums, or submitting tracks. When you tell people what to do directly, the chances are they might actually do it.

  • Typography

Shaping your brand is a goal you can achieve with the help of typography. It’s text with an added personality. Your font shouldn’t deviate from the style of your brand and music. Then typography has the ability to make a huge impact.

Traditional rock bands should choose a font style that displays strength. On the other hand, House DJs can go with unconventional, modern fonts.

The End

Let me tell you that there’s no limit to how many times you can change the SoundCloud banner template on your page. This means every time you wish to promote a new podcast series, music release or album, make it a part of your banner.

Just remember to add your special branding elements each time. This means to include your logo, slogan, colors, and icons.

Now you’re ready to create your own SoundCloud banner template. All this might seem too complicated to digest at first. But just take one step at a time.

And most importantly, keep your design, slogan, logo, etc. simple and to the point. There’s no sense in trying very hard to sound fancy or mince words; just be YOURSELF!

By Jon Martindale

Jon Martindale is a New York-based writer specializing in product reviews, deals and coupons. His mission is to help readers make smart purchasing decisions by highlighting the best products on the market at the most affordable prices.

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