Fomito Portable LED Macro Ring Flash Light DVR-240DF 3200k-6500k for Canon Nikon Sony Pentax DSLR Cameras + MV-AD1 Replacement Battery Box Adapter for Sony NP-F750, AA Batteries


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Price: $165.82

Product info:

• Part Number FMTDVR240DF-1
• Model 4332253363

Product features

240 LEDs, Color Temperature 5500k-6500k ,including orange filter switchs to 3200K, Dimmable, Stepless.

2 models: Flashing and Continuing lights. The power under flash model (need to connect flash sync cable to camera) is 4 times that of continuing lights.

Can be operated in both AC and DC power, including MV-AD1 Power Pack works in 2 pcs F750A Li-ion batteries or 12 pcs AA batteries.

Creates attractive round-shaped catch lights into the eyes of your model. Often using for microfilm shooting, production ad introduction, Interview, outer makeup light, AD, weeding following taking, Portrait photography...

Diameter: 102mm, fit for all lens. All parts is in a portable carrying bag, convenience.

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