Happybuy 3/4 Inch PEX Tubing 500FT Potable Water Tube Plumbing Pipe Non-Barrier Radiant Heating Pex Coil for Water Plumbing Open Loop Hydronic Heating Systems (3/4" Non-Barrier, 500Ft/Red)

By Happybuy

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Product info:

• Color Red
• Size 3/4"x500FT

Product features

Type: PEX-b; Color: Red; Total Length: 500FT; Nominal Diameter: 3/4"; Inside Diameter: 1.67cm / 0.66"; Outside Diameter: 2.2cm / 0.86"; Tube Thickness: 0.287cm / 0.1". Keep uninterrupted water flow.

The non-barrier PEX tube is used for hot & cold water plumbing applications. Can also be used for open loop radiant floor heating system to distribute water temperature between: -47℉ to 230℉.

Reliable - resistant to cracks, uninterrupted water flow, maintenance free, long life expectance

Flexible - ability to bend pipe making it easy to work with the bend radius of 6.9 feet

Temperature Range: -45 to 110℃/ -47℉ to 230℉; Pressure Rate: 188-217psi at 20℃; 101-108psi at 95℃; Bending Radius: 6.9"; Product Weight: 150g/m

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