Mason & Deck Low-Energy, Powerful Portable Evaporative Swamp Cooler for Large Work Spaces, ME2MOGO, 2800 CFM, Gray

By Mason & Deck

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Price: $419.99

Product info:

• Part Number ME2MOGO
• Model ME2MOGO
• Warranty 1 year limited.
• Color Gray
• Dimensions 46 x 18 x 28 Inches
• Size 2800 CFM
• Number Of Items 1

Product features

[WORK HARD, STAY COOL] Make your work space cool and comfortable – Improve work conditions, worker productivity and satisfaction without burning money on air conditioning. A workhorse of an evaporative cooler, this powerful, weather-resistant unit is built to cool large commercial & industrial spaces. Ideal for Garage, workshop, warehouse, factory and outdoor spaces.

[EFFECTIVE LOW COST COOLING EVERYDAY] Evaporative Swamp Coolers are ideal for hot work spaces where traditional air conditioning is impractical or too expensive to run. Let your workers feel the natural, low-power consuming cooling power of evaporative cooling. Designed to maximize airflow and produce long-lasting cool air, this unit is equipped with thick triple-sided Honeycomb & extra-wide, 16” metal fan blades that deliver robust cooling to keep your work space cool & ventilated all day long.

[BEST FOR OUTDOOR COOLING - NO MIST] Built for more demanding applications, this 2800CFM Swamp Cooler will withstand unpredictable weather, rain or shine. Feel the Power of Evaporation - that crisp cool air - without drenching your work area, tools and machinery with wet mist!

[BUILT-TO-LAST WITH MASSIVE TANK] Equipped with a jumbo 19 gallon tank and a hose-hookup for auto-refilling, it is easy to set up for long days of unattended operation.

[BEST FOR DRY CLIMATES] Energy-efficient portable evaporative air cooler works most effectively in hot, dry climates outdoors.

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