Privacy policy

The privacy policies at BitlyLink demonstrate our respect for the privacy of our visitors. When you use the service, you agree to accept our terms as well as conditions. The details below will reveal our privacy policy.

Information you provide

The access and use our service, some of your information will be recorded. Your name, account number, profile picture, email address, address, phone number, social network as well as the ID from the provider will be saved to help you have a better experience.

How we collect

Through plugins, social networks as well as third-party platforms, your IP is automatically collected by us during your use of the service. Some other information such as your cookie, IDFA identifier, or device ID is also collected automatically. We accept advertising information from our partners. However, you can completely refuse our newsletters or advertising information.

How we use your information

The purpose of using your information is to improve as well as to operate a better service. We are able to analyze search trends and user preferences through the use of IP. This leads us to create the best results as well as help the users make the most suitable purchase decision. The users can choose satisfactory products and our services will be protected from other threats.

Chatbot feature

The chatbot feature by providing information on Facebook messenger will help us collect your IP. At this point, your Facebook ID will be saved through your behaviors and interests. Some relevant information as well as promotions may be sent to you.

Cookie, web beacons and third party cookies

Similar to other websites, you will notice that cookies are used by us to collect information as in the policies above. Web beacons as well as third party tracking technologies are also used for the same purpose. You'll see that this can help maintain and manage our service. Besides, we can also track how you use the service for better improvement. 


At BitlyLink, there are many links to other websites and applications. Our service also helps to connect with partners. However, all of these links will always adhere to the visitor privacy policy. 


To ensure the children policy, we do not require the participation of children under the age of 13. They are not to whom our services provide. Therefore, we do not collect IP for children under 13 years old. Please contact us as soon as possible if there is any information regarding the collection of information by children under 13 years old on this website.

Information security

You are completely assured of information security at BitlyLink. We adhere to all standards for user protection strictly. Some standards such as preventing unauthorized access, disclosing, or changing user IP will be followed by us. But you also realize that we cannot guarantee that all of this information is completely protected.


During the use of the service, if any complaints arise between us and users, it will be resolved by the appropriate authorities.

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Our Advertising Partners

BitlyLink partners may use cookies, web beacons, and some other information as mentioned above. In our privacy policy, this is also extremely important.

Amazon Associates Program

BitlyLink is one of the loyal contributors to the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. We have long-term affiliate programs together. These collaborative programs help provide the facility for websites to advertise through affiliate links with Amazon. Some of the sites you might see are,,, and more...

Some of the different Amazon brands you might see are Amazon, the Amazon Prime, Amazon Prime, the Amazon logo.

Changes to this privacy policy

The privacy policy at BitlyLink can be changed at any time without notice to users. This is similar to other websites. Therefore, when you interact and use our service, you completely accept that change.

However, some important IP changes may be sent to you via a featured notice on this website or an email notification. We encourage you to take a look at our privacy policies regularly. We also have no responsibility to notify users because of changes in the privacy policy. If you have any questions as well as learn more about us, please contact us as soon as possible.