Understanding the Role of Instagram in Supercharging Your Email Marketing Campaigns in 2019

Building a robust following on Instagram seems to be a top priority for numerous businesses in 2019- and for a valid reason so to speak. Instagram today is supposed to be one of the most engaged and frequently visited social media platforms. It has been successful in beating other socially-geared platforms thanks to its versatility and vibrancy. As per research findings, we understand that approximately 2 to 7 percent of all followers on Instagram is in the habit of interacting with each post hence, Instagram’s engagement rate has jumped way ahead of even Twitter that gets merely 0.2 percent of followers who actually, engage with every post. 

Moreover, users are spending more time on this robust marketing platform as compared to other prominent social media platforms, providing you the best opportunity to connect effectively and build robust relationships with your followers. Now that you clearly understand the reason why Instagram is an integral part of your list building stratagem. Here are a few effective ways of supercharging your email marketing with the incredibly effective Instagram.

Boosting Email Engagement

As per themarketingscope.com, there are over 205 billion emails which are known to infiltrate inboxes every day. If you wish to get a click, you need to create a brand that would be standing out from the rest. Smart marketers today are integrating their email marketing endeavors and Instagram strategies as an element of a customer-centric and omnichannel approach. This seems to really work wonders. As per HubSpot, Instagram today is delivering 58 x more engagement for every follower as compared to Facebook and a fantastic 120 times more as compared to what is actually generated by tweets? A solid example involves a case study where an online fitness retail brand got seven times more engagement in just 24 hours after they incorporated Instagram pictures into the emails.

Numerous emails today are featuring button links directly to Instagram pages for organizations but including a live feed seems to be way more effective. You could implement a small amount of customization and with a few modifications, you could boost phenomenal engagement. Apart from making your emails appear aesthetically more stimulating. One more advantage of incorporating live Instagram feed to your existing email campaign templates is the content gets updated automatically in real-time. This should be saving immense resources and valuable time. Moreover, this should guarantee that you would be delivering unique content that is always relevant and fresh. This is of critical importance to both B2C, as well as, B2B brands. 

You must not stop at just a live feed. You must focus on utilizing the popularity and versatility of Instagram for expanding your reach and showcasing your unique brand culture. When you showcase the human side of a specific brand or business, it would be as compelling as a powerful sales pitch. Time and again it has been proved beyond doubt that Instagram is a splendid way of interacting with and engaging prospective customers and new followers, communicating your brand’s intrinsic values and your business’s vision to individuals at the discovery phase and motivate interaction and even email sign-ups by coming up with contests bad giveaways. Besides, if you wish to boost your follower count or get more likes for your brand on Instagram, you may seek professional assistance from reputed services such as Gramista

Focus on Inviting Your Instagram Followers to Subscribe to the Email List

The newsfeed algorithm is in the habit of evolving as and when it so desires. Hence, it becomes really overwhelming and challenging to reach effectively and engage with prospects on the Instagram platform. As such, you would soon realize that you are constantly losing followers and going on struggling, to later, on reconnect successfully with them.  

It may happen that one day your Instagram for a Business account gets shut down, for instance, because of a bug or virus. You may potentially end up losing your massive carefully-cultivated audience in a split of a second. In such an unfortunate scenario, do you have any clue how you could win back all the individuals who followed you in the past on the Instagram platform? For staying very much on the safe side, you must consider inviting your Instagram followers actually to be precisely your email subscribers.

Think in Terms of Images

The main reason why everybody thinks that Instagram is able to drive considerable engagement is actually because of its visual appeal. We understand that pictures would be inciting instinctive responses and driving impressive engagement simply because of their visual appeal. Hence, when you incorporate unique, authentic, and high-quality images into your emails, they become amazing promotional tools.

Moreover, you could use a fabulous live Instagram feed very much into your emails. For instance, if you are running a real-estate business, think of displaying your apartment and highlight its amenities like spacious living areas, rooftop state-of-the-art gym, swimming pool, etc. Consider using user-generated content to drive more attention.

Remember when you incorporate live imagery seamlessly into your email marketing stratagem, your promotional content would become doubly attractive and fascinating. However, you need to keep in mind that all Instagram images are definitely not the same and some of them have more desirable attributes as compared to the others.

Do Not Forget To Focus On Your Live Event

You could make it a habit to incorporate live Instagram feeds in your email marketing campaigns while you are introducing or launching new products of your company. This is an effective strategy for involving your audience that was absent while the event was taking place. Your email subscribers could use the opportunity to get updated and stay abreast with the latest development in your business. 

Consider Tapping Cleverly Into Incentive-Oriented Referral Marketing Stratagem

Remember reward-based marketing would always reap major benefits in terms of engaging effectively all your prospective customers. You could focus on persuading all your email subscribers to convince their family and close friends to like your Instagram posts and win amazing discounts and incentives.


Utilizing individually Instagram or email marketing could prove to be self-restraining. That is the main reason why you must focus on leveraging the seamless integration of all your Instagram and email marketing endeavors. You simply need to ensure that you are responsive, contextual, and relevant in order to make sure that your subscribers and followers are enjoying your posts and messages irrespective of the platform.

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Pete Campbell is a social media manager and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He delights his clients by helping them buy real Instagram likes and followers for Instagram. He loves to travel, write and play baseball.

Understanding the Role of Instagram in Supercharging Your Email Marketing Campaigns in 2019
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