Track and Locate kid’s lost Android phone in a jiffy

Parents offer to give their children a “smartphone” to stay connected at all hours. Ironically, electronic gadgets have created more distances between families. Smartphone no doubt assures safety, but handling an expensive device is not a joke. What if the Android phone gets stolen? How will you track and locate your Android device using child tracking app for parents?

Why do kids lose their phone?

As irritating as the question sounds, there isn’t much you can do about it. Kids tend to lose gadgets, books, keys, and whatnot. The list can go on, but playing the blame game is pointless. 

Carelessness is part and parcel of childhood, and losing things is just another day for children. Kids learn the value of money and possessions only with time and maturity. 

However, it is a foolish idea to wait until they come of age to expose them to expensive items. Doing so may have other repercussions and indirectly impact you. 

If you provide children with phones, ensure safety measures to retrieve the device, in case it misplaces or gets stolen. 

How to find a lost phone?

Various methods can be used to track a lost phone. But when it comes to kids, the best way to handle this crisis is by using parental control software. In case you are wondering why then here is the answer.

Apps like Bit Guardian Parental Control are recognized as unmatchable tools to secure kids from online dangers, and at the same time, the tracking tool is best in class. Whether you are tracking your child or the device, the app is always at your service.

  1.   Locate the device
  2.   Ring alert the phone
  3.   Remotely Factory reset the phone data

Retrieving the phone is a matter of luck. But what about the data? Should that reach a stranger? If there are personal pictures of your teenager? What do you do then?

Well, firstly, don’t panic! And, secondly, Bit Guardian Parental Control offers a simple yet innovative way to erase the data from kids’ phone. 

Bit Guardian Parental Control Anti-Theft Capabilities

The app has developed unique Anti-Theft features that offer three ways to help your kid’s stolen phone:

  1.   Locate device– There is nothing GPS cannot do, and when it comes to locating a stolen device, it takes away all the awards. Yes, you can track your phone and get hold of the thief (be careful though !) and at least summon cops with all the information they may need.
  2.   Ring alert– You are lucky if your child’s phone misplaced on a bus or a cab. If the person can realize on time that phone is lying idol with them, then there is a small chance you may enjoy the device again. But to help them recognize, you need to send some indication. Here is where Ring Alert provides the option to ring the phone loudly and attract the attention of bystanders. If the phone gets in the hand of an honest man, then it is your lucky day.
  3.   Factory Reset- Leaving behind any piece of personal evidence in a stolen phone is not only risky but horrendous activity that can have unimaginable consequences. Many online goons use faces for creating nude pictures online.  Others may use your official documents for illegal purposes. And if you are still under the impression that your kid’s password-protected phone is untouchable, then you are wrong! Nowadays, it is relatively easy to jailbreak devices. Instead of speculating the outcomes, remotely factory reset kid’s phone and enjoy a sigh of relief instantly. 

Hey Kid! Is your phone in a safe place? 

Often, silly mistakes made by children causes them to lose their phone. For instance, keeping the cell phone in the back pocket of the jeans, that too in a crowded bus is a stupid idea! 

There are many such blunders kids commit that causes them to lose their phone. Mostly, kids need to learn to change some small habits that ensure the safety of their valuables, even after that they lose their phone then parental controls can help. 

Being attentive and placing the phone in the right pocket is the most important thing. Which means;

– Holding the phone in the hand while traveling is a strict NO!

– Keeping the phone in the bag in the last pocket (away from the reach of the pickpocket) is the smartest way to handle a device in a crowded place. 

– keep a password for allowing enough time to remotely factory resetting the phone.

– Always keep the location switched on while traveling

Losing valuables can look very casual when it happens once or twice. However, if the habit becomes a daily ritual, you may have to take strict steps. 

Choose the best Anti-Theft app to track and locate the Android device of kids. 

Track and Locate kid’s lost Android phone in a jiffy
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