The perfect size of Twitter’s header, banner and background

Sometimes, you’ll find it’s difficult to change the header because of the size. On Twitter, the header is the best impression which deliver your status, uniqueness and characteristics.

Then, you do not want to change the header randomly. Specially, for its business, it enhances the brand awareness. In addition, it attracts a large number of followers with the professional header.

1. Twitter recommendations

It’s always recommended that the dimensions of header are 1500 x 500 pixel, weights 2 MB and the accepted formats are JPEG and PNG.

2. Important notes

There is invisible area on your header so you should consider leave the top and bottom of the header empty. Because once you upload the image, the top and bottom of photo will be cut.

The safe area is a place between two-white lines, here is main  blank place that you should consider it to know where to put the important elements of the imagine carefully.

Safe area

There are some notes about the header:

  • You shouldn’t change the header from the imagine into animated GIFS.
  • The left corner of the header will not be displayed cause of the picture profile.
  • Even you know the best dimension template but when you actually find the header to edit, please find the size images have over 1500 x 500 pixel or you can change the size by Photoshop. For the best illustration, do not find the small size and upload the imagine in double size like 2x or 4x so that it doesn’t get blurry.
  • The banner you see on web is a little somehow different from on mobie phone. You’ll see the difference below.

Twitter's on website

Here is on smart phone:

Twitter's on mobie phone

3. How to design your Twitter header by yourself ( the resources of photos and tips for designing )

There are many ways to design your header become unique, brandy and attractive.

First, you’ll find the resources of free photo stock, here is 45 best website for free stock photo. Pick the photos and use photoshop if you already know how to use Photoshop.

If not, you can use Paint on your computer. Open Paint, choose File, click Open the photo and pick Home and then Resize, you will design the size of header by yourself easily.Resize and skew of paint
In other hand, you can also change the header by using colors, text or icons to impress your business. The other way is download free template to make your own banner.

We have a trick to help you resize your imagine on Twitter’s header. You can use Snipping Tool to capture the header, then you will see the real dimension of the header to fit and optimized well on your Twitter account.

4. Conclusion

We hope that this post’ll give you more information about Twitter’s header and useful tips to change the header successfully.

The perfect size of Twitter’s header, banner and background
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