Sore Throat Home Remedies, Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention

At times of season transfer, sore throats have the opportunity to break out and if not be detected and treated early, this disease is easy to progress further. It can turn chronic and cause some unwanted complications.

Sore throat means you feel your throat hurt, irritated or scratched. It can cause you a worse feeling when you swallow food. There are many causes of sore throat like viruses and bacteria, …

Determining the causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment of sore throats will help us to treat it as well as prevent the recurrence of disease cause. This article will give you all that.

In particular, all the ways we introduce in this article are home remedies, so you can completely implement them at home. They have been tested for safety and effectiveness.

1. What is Sore Throat?

Sore throat is one of the common respiratory diseases. If you do not know how to care for your health, it is easy to be the object of their attack. Sore throat is a painful condition, a scratch or a throat irritation, which is usually worse when swallowed. The most common cause of sore throat is a viral infection, such as a cold. Patients with a sore throat due to a virus can usually cure themselves.

Sore throat is a common physical symptom. The most common cause of sore throat is a viral infection, such as a cold. Patients with a sore throat due to a virus can usually cure themselves. It is also usually caused by acute sore throat. In addition, it can appear as a result of trauma, diphtheria, or other illnesses.

Sore throats are usually not severe and usually pass for 3-7 days. There are several home remedies for sore throat that you can use at home to reduce your symptoms. Persistent sore throat lasts more than three or four weeks. If the sore throat condition and the symptoms do not improve then this may be a sign of a more serious illness.

Sore throat is very common in people who have runny nose or flu. In rare cases, it is a warning sign of another more severe disease (mononucleosis or diphtheria). There are three types of sore throat: red sore throat, white sore throat and ulcers sore throat.

2. What are Common Causes of Sore Throat?

Almost any sore throat is caused by the effects of certain viruses, germs and caused by colds or flu. Sore throat is one of the most common illnesses of all ages.

Since the virus has spread easily, especially in children, the sore throat virus can easily be transmitted from person to person.

Here are some of the most common causes of sore throats:


There are many viruses that cause sore throats. Common cold is one of the first signs, followed by flu and white blood cells. There are some diseases that can contribute to sore throat like measles and chicken pox. These viruses can weaken the immune system, leading to pain and swelling of the throat.

Sore throat occurs mostly due to viruses (80%) such as adenovirus, rhinovirus, synovial virus, influenza virus, measles virus … also 20% due to bacteria. It is the type of streptococcus, staphylococcus, pneumococcus, H.Influenzae …

The most dangerous is the streptococcus b group A because it causes the complications of sore throat, arthritis, arthritis – These disease is quite dangerous.

Bacterial Infection

Sore throat pain can be caused by bacterial infection. For example, brushing the throat can cause your throat to feel extremely rough and sore.

Inflammation of the tonsil can cause severe sore throat, both before and after surgery. Diphtheria is a very serious disorder.


Outdoor air pollution can contribute to sore throats, and room air is no exception. That’s because the surrounding air is surrounded by pollutants, such as cigarette smoke, which can aggravate the air or even cause a sore throat. Allergy from pet fur, mold and pollen can also cause a person with a sore throat.

Acid Reflux

Acid reflux occurs in humans when stomach acid enters the esophagus, causing heartburn. Gastric acid can return to the throat through all the way, stimulating the throat and esophagus a lot.

Sore throats can be a problem for people with reflux acid, so it is best to tackle acid reflux problems.


When the climate in the room is overheating, which usually occurs during the summer months (hot season), it can make a person feel uncomfortable and sore throat, especially after waking up.

The best solution is to get out of the room with hot and dry air. Do not use your mouth to breathe cold air, as this can cause a sore throat.

HIV And Infections

The immune system of people who is infected with the HIV virus will be weaken. This leads to ear infections, which causes chronic sore throat.

Tumors can also occur in the throat of people who smoke or drink too much alcohol, causing chronic sore throats unless they are treated.

Most sore throats are treated with antibiotics, antipyretic and analgesic combined with throat disinfectants. Besides, you can apply home remedies for sore throat.


Sometimes, sore throat occurs because the body reacts to some allergenic foods, mold, animal fur, especially because of cold weather.

3. What are Symptoms of Sore Throat?

Common sore throat lasts only 3 to 7 days and can be treated with home remedies for sore throat. Persistent sore throat is a condition that lasts more than three or four weeks. Chronic sore throat may be accompanied by other signs and symptoms, including:

  • Voice changes, especially hoarse voice
  • Patients are often difficult to swallow, when swallowing, they feel pain
  • Coughing or chronic coughing
  • Patients with fever and headache
  • White spots on the throat or tonsils of the patient
  • The tonsils are swollen and red
  • Abdominal pain (usually in children)
  • Vomiting (usually in children)
  • Patients feeling tired and aching body

You may experience other symptoms not mentioned. If you have any questions about the signs of the disease, please consult your doctor.

4. Who is At Risk of Sore Throat?

Sore throats can occur in anyone. Below are people who are at high risk for sore throats:


Sore throat is a common symptom in children, especially in children under 6 years of age due to their weakened immune system.

People With ENT

ENT experts suggest that the cause of sore throat is mainly from ear, nose and throat infections are not treated.

Persons Who Are Exposed To Polluted Environment Frequently

This causes the virus that cause this disease easily to get into the nose and throat.
Persons Who Are Often Exposed To Stimulants
A variety of stimulants can cause sore throats like tobacco, alcohol and spicy food. At this time, the environment is conducive to the development of strep. They are parasitic. They will multiply and cause sore throats.

5. When to See a Doctor?

If you have any of these signs and symptoms, but the treatment of home remedies for sore throat covered in this article for a long time without any results, consult your doctor. The physical condition of each person is different. So consult your doctor to select the most suitable option.

6. Home Remedies For Sore Throat

After reading the basic information about sore throat, you probably already have the most outlook on this disease. Because the disease is not life-threatening, many people tend to be lethargic and not interested in treating the disease.

Another reason is that because of the busy work, they do not have time to see the doctor. Please recommend this article to them.

This article offers home remedies for sore throat. These are all very safe and effective. They can be done right at home. That’s so convenient!


Garlic contains many substances that are considered as natural antibiotics. Therefore, garlic has a bactericidal effect. The use of garlic treatment will not be afraid of adverse health effects. You can use the simple methods as follows:

Method 1: You take about 4-5 cloves of garlic. Pound and mix it with a glass of hot milk and leave for about 10 minutes. Then filter out the pulp to get the drinking water. Every day, you should drink about 2 cups of this hot garlic milk. This kind of milk helps calm the throat and has the good disinfection. If continuing every day for 1 week, you will notice a significant reduction in the disease.

Method 2: Take some cloves of garlic and wash them (do not peel), beat and put them in the cup. Add honey and steam for about 15 minutes. Drink this kind of drink three times a day until the sore throat is gone.

Method 3: In this way, we need 2 garlic and 1 onion. Onions and garlic peeled and cleaned, sliced thin. Put all in the jar, fill honey and soak this mixture for 12 hours. Please drink this water 3 times a day to until the sore throat is gone.


This is the next – one in this list of home remedies for sore throat. Honey has a bactericidal effect, while also helps to relieve sore throat. You can use honey to treat sore throat with the following methods:

Method 1: Combining honey with lemon makes the effective formula for sore throat. Prepare a lemon. You cut the lemon into thin slices, then put about 2 tablespoons of honey and soak this mixture for about a day. Holding such slices of lemon in the mouth continuously will cause the disease to quickly disappear.

Method 2: Honey and ginger are not only good for sore throat but also for your respiratory system. You cut a ginger into slices and soaked with honey. Soak this mixture for about 1 week. The way to use this mixture is similar to the above method. If you need immediately, you can boil ginger with water. Let this water cool to about 30 degrees, then mixed honey and drink.

Method 3: If you only have honey, you can follow this method. Make honey with warm water and drink twice a day in the morning and evening. Apply this method until the sore throat is gone.

Sea Salt

This is one of the home remedies for sore throat that few people know, but it is very effective. Sea salt has the effect of absorbing water from the cell membrane, so it helps to reduce swelling, inflammation and sore throat.
The way to do is very simple. Every day, dilute sea salt with water and use this water to rinse your mouth. Apply this remedy twice daily in the morning and evening until the condition is resolved.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Using apple cider vinegar is the next – one in this list of home remedies for sore throat. According to popular folk wisdom, it has been found that apple cider vinegar is effective in relieving sore throat. It helps to relieve the pain caused by sore throat quickly.

The way to do is very simple. Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. Using this water to risen the mouth and swallow will help you quickly relieve the pain caused by this disease. Please apply this remedy 2 times a day to get rid of the disease.


Ginger is used as a familiar spice for the preparation of dishes. Ginger is also used as a cure for many diseases, including sore throat. If you are having a sore throat, then follow the instructions below and your throat will recover quickly and smoothly.

Method 1: Ginger Tea is a quick way to relieve your aching throat. It is easy to cure a sore throat with ginger tea. You need to prepare fresh ginger, peeled, washed and pounded. Put the ginger in a pot of water, boil for 5 minutes, then filter the water, remove the residual ginger and drink while hot.

Method 2: Prepare ginger washed, grinded and mixed with a little honey. Suck the mixture in your mouth and slowly swallow after 2 – 3 minutes.


Fresh lemon is also one of the effective remedies for sore throat that many people choose to apply. Lemon contains abundant sources of vitamin C that are very useful in the treatment of sore throat and increasing the resistance of the body. Keep some fresh lemon slices in your mouth and slowly swallow it. Do not eat from 1 to 2 hours to keep the natural lemon acid in your throat longer. You can also squeeze the lemon into a cup of warm water and take a small sip every morning. Its effect is also very good to sore throat.

Fish Lettuce

This is the last remedy we want to mention in the list of home remedies for sore throat.
Fish lettuce has the ability to fight inflammation, reduce a cough effectively for patients with a sore throat. To use lettuce fish as a cure for sore throat, take 15-20 fish lettuce leaves and put them into a puree machine. Filter for drinking water. Use this juice 1-2 times per day will reduce sore throat quickly.

Above are some remedies you can apply to cure sore throat. Please follow the instructions to achieve the best effect.

7. Prevention

When you have a sore throat, you should not eat the following foods:

Spicy Food

Spicy food is good for digestion, but not beneficial to people with acute pharyngitis. They will make the throat feel irritated and swollen.

Fried Food

These dishes are not suitable for sore throat. Even when they are chewed, they still have very sharp edges. These sharp edges will rub against the throat causing your pain.

Alcoholic Beverages

You often think that alcohol is antiseptic, so it will disinfect the throat. In fact, many types of sore throat due to viruses. Second, the alcohol is not enough alcohol to kill bacteria. On the contrary, they only do more harm.

The Fruits Are High In Acidity

Fruits such as oranges, grapefruit and lemons can worsen the condition of sore throat due to the high acidity of these fruits.

Sweet Food / Drink

Eating/Drinking more sweets such as confectionery, soft drinks and sugar when you have a sore throat can reduce the body’s resistance. This not only makes the illness heal much longer but also makes them worse.

Sore Throat Home Remedies, Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention
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