Instagram and Pinterest Using them for Your Business

You have Instagram and Pinterest to boost your business. Which one would you choose? Well, it depends on what you want. Both are visual platforms and social networking sites that you have. If you want more followers, user attention, high-definition stunning photos, and videos, we recommend that you choose Instagram, the best photo-sharing channel. Both […]

Which Youtube Name Generator Is The Best For You?

What Is A YouTube Name? A YouTube Name is the official name for your channel on YouTube. There are many types of names for a channel. In general, it is based on 4 main categories: Name, Brand, Category and Description.   The easiest way is to use your full name as a channel one. It […]

Twitter Header Size – Practices and Guidelines 2019

If you want to attract viewers to your Twitter account, designing a fascinating twitter header that captures attention is critical. Like other social media platforms, there are certainly some specific instructions for cover photos including appropriate dimensions and other rules that you need to know. The article below will show you in details about how […]

The perfect size of Twitter’s header, banner and background

Sometimes, you’ll find it’s difficult to change the header because of the size. On Twitter, the header is the best impression which deliver your status, uniqueness and characteristics. Then, you do not want to change the header randomly. Specially, for its business, it enhances the brand awareness. In addition, it attracts a large number of […]

How To Remove Background From Image & Some Useful Tools For Background Eraser

Do you want to eliminate unnecessary and unwanted items and objects from photos to make them more attractive and outstanding? However, you don’t know how to remove it and which tools can help you? This article will show you how to remove background from an image and some useful background eraser tools.

Youtube Thumbnail Size & Practice 2019

Why it is important to optimize thumbnail size on Youtube? In the era of visual communication, static posts and images are gradually being replaced by videos, clips, movies, GIFs, etc. It can be easily seen that Social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter … are giving priority to videos. It comes as no surprise that […]