The 20 best note-taking apps in 2019

In life and business, you’ll have to take notes to keep you remind all these related stuff on smartphone or laptops with different styles of noting from sketching to recording voices.

Therefore, many note-taking apps are developed and support users (teachers, students, bloggers, editors, officers ect.) to save all kind of notes on your devices like: iphone, ipad, apple watch, macbook or laptop ect.

Here is the list of 10 best note-taking apps enclosed with the introduction, compatible systems and price. We do not rank these apps so it’s quite random for you to try one of these apps to find which is best for you.

1. Google Keep

Google keep

Google Keep was launched in 2013 and developed by Google and now is a famous taking-note app for everyone who need to write notes. It’s colorful, useful and simple to use. Morever, Keep is always supported and updated by Google so now, you can use your voice to take notes, set times to remind and even share with friends and family.

Compatible system: IOS ( Iphone, Ipad, Macbook, Apple watch), Window, Android, …

Price: Free

Download: Google Keep

2. Bear


Generally speaking, Bear is the best app of taking notes which won 2017 Apple Design Award and was chosen by Kit Eaton of New York Times for her jouraling app.

Bear will inspire you save or create your own notes by embeding texts, pictures, lovely icons and tags.

It’s ranked 4,8/5 on App store, with over 10 different languages and detail function of texting, sketching, exporting files to help many bloggers, editors, teachers or even students decorate their notes.

Compatible system: only for iOS, macOS.

Price: only free if you just use its main function without some great features: icons, gifts or themes.

Besides, if you’d like to have all amazing features, it costs $1.49/monthly subscription or $14.99/yearly subscrible for Pro version.

Download: Bear

3. Evernote


Evernote has a large number of note options (to-do list, texts, sketches, scanning information, save number and memo). It also supports amazing tools for searching and designing your notes.

Morever, Evernote adds the privacy function on mobie phone to help you keep private. Overall, Evernote is the best app for taking notes on all devices.

Compatible system: iOS, macOS, Windows, Android

Price: Free with some basic function, for more detail options, you’ll have to buy Premium or Business version to get more space of storage for saving files, documents that are up to 20GB each month.

Download: Evernote

4. Paper by WeTransfer

Paper by Wetransfer

As its name, Paper is an app which you can easily draw or sketch notes by fingers or stylus with a variety of different pencils, colorful board making your notes beautiful, inspiring and funny to do.

It also offers special options for making business or working notes. It’s widely recommended that you should use the stylus for the best experience with Paper.

Compatible system: only for iOS

Price: Free

Download: Paper

5. Simplenote


Simplenote is a simple way to store notes, files or checklists. Once you try it, it may be a wonderful experience because it is optimized all devices when you sign in browser or mobie.

The synchronization between mobile and browser is faster than any note-taking apps.

It is still updated to the newest version so the developers will follow the customer’s suggestions about this app to improve it.

Compatible system: iOS, macOS, Windows, web, Linux

Price: free

Download: Simplenote

6. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is a friendly app to navigate for almost users who love their full functions as a paper.

Morever, it allows you to record voices, draw or write texts, photos and even attach file documents beside a block of text.

However, it’s said that their sync between mobie and computer is not as faster as Simplenote.

Compatible system: all systems

Price: Free

Download: Onenote

7. Notebook- Take notes, sync

Zoho Notebook

Zoho notebook is one of the best note-taking apps you should experience.

It has plenty of features: text, audio, checklist, photo, smart card and files that give users everything they need such as: recording voice, setting time and reminder, scanning photos, documnets, drawing sketches, ect.

Smart is the option which gives users to write content on the beautiful cards, so it inspires users the creativity and motivation to start a new day.

Compatible system: all systems

Price: free with no limitations. Here you have much storage space to use without limiting and all for free. Hence, it’s definitely the best apps I’ve ever tried.

Download: Notebook

8. Milan Note


Milan gives users more imagines to create their own notes. It regarded as a canvas which you can paste photos, embed texts, to-do lists and other features.

However, it’s said that they are not good at making text notes, audio memo and also only effective for pasteboard.

Compatible system: only website

Price: only free with some limitations; if you want to more storage spaces or other features, you’ll have to pay $119.88/year for Pro version

Download: Milan Note

9. Quip


Quip is quite different from other taking-note apps, it’s more much of spreadsheet with lots of collaboration and allows you to sketch notes while working in the same time.

Quip also synchronizes your account to Google Drive, Dropbox so it’s quite easy to sign in.

Morever, it’s suitable for the team to work and share the foders which they create owning to business, not for the individuals seeking for the beautiful or lovely note-taking apps because it’s limited for free.

Compatible system: Android, iOS, macOS, web, Windows

Price: $30/month with paid plans, free but have limitations of storage spaces

Download: Quip

10. Squid


Squid is recommend for users whose devices are regarded to Android or Chromebook. It’s unique and best for sketching or drawing notes by hand or stylus.

Squid is full of tools such as: editing by a variety types of pencils, organizing notes, exporting files, ect.

Compatible system: Android and Chromebook

Price: free for downloading, but for the best experience you have to buy the Premium version $10 to unlock some features

Download: Squid

11. Boostnote


Bootsnote is well-made for programmers because once they write a new note, it presents code which can easily edit.

It’s easy to write markdown notes even if you’re offline.

Compatible system: Linux 64 bit Android, iOS, macOS, Windows 64 bit

Price: free

Download: Boostnote

12. Dropbox Paper

Dropbox paper

Paper is from Dropbox which brings creativity and optimization to the customers.

It’s recommended that Dropbox Paper is appropriate for the team’s collaboration because it stays organized with the management tools or runs meetings by sticking Paper with calendar, designs formatting words.

Compatible system: Android, iOS, macOS.

Price: free

Download: Dropbox Paper

13. Notability


If you’re looking for the amazing hand-writing app, Notability is definitely worth trying. The tools on Notability are great; it has 12 sizes of the pen and the highlighter so users can try lots of different writing styles.

You also can add imagines, gifs, files on their notes and even audio memo.

It’s convenient for you to use Notability on Ipad with the Apple pencil, approriate for the students and eachers.

Compatible system: only iOS, macOS

Price: buy this app for $9,99

Download: Notability

14. Notes


Notes is always available app for iOS, and only appropriate for macbook, iphone or other products from Apple. It provides all simple function of taking-note app such as: sketching, drawing, writing with adequate supporting tools, .. ect.

Compatible system: only iOS, macOS

Price: free

Download: Notes

15. Color Note

Color Note

Color Note is the most popular taking-note app on Android system. Similiar to its name, it has lots of coloful backgrounds of notes, to-do list, calendar support and you can save all maters up to the cloud account.

Compatible system: Android, Windows

Price: free

Download: Color Note

16. Colored Note

Colored Note

Colored note is different from ColorNote above, but has many colorful backgrounds like ColorNote, icons or ideas to decorate your notes.

It allows you to change the front style and size, add photos but to-do list or simple list is not supported.

Compatible system: only for iOS, macOS

Price: free

Download: Colored Note

17. FairNote


FairNote is the new app you should try if you use Android system besides the Color Note. It has all the simple features you’ll need for the note.

Compatible system: Android, Windows

Price: free for download but for the best experiences, it costs $0,99

Download: Fair Note

18. FiiNote


FiiNote is fun to experience, supports for adding videos, photos, voice memo sticking in your notes and it’s also appropriate for all kinds of notes.

Compatible system: Android, Windows

Price: free

Download: FiiNote

19. LectureNotes


If you are student or teacher, you need to install notes for study and also for life, here is the best note to help you write and organize all these notes relate to the academic stuffs. There are full of tools to help you write the full lessons.

Compatible system: Android, Windows

Price: free for trial, for the full version, it costs $3,89

Download: LectureNotes

20. SomNote


SomNote is great for stories, diaries, notes. It organizes these notes into the folders so users can easily find the notes.

Compatible system: Android, Windows

Price: Free with limitations of storage spaces, having ads. For the premium version, you have to pay $3.99 per month or $39.99 per year

Download: SomNote

The 20 best note-taking apps in 2019
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