Top 20+ Best Keyword Research Tools 2020 (Free & Paid)

Top 20+ Best Keyword Research Tools 2019 (Free & Paid)

Keyword research is the core of SEO, Pay-per-click, or content marketing campaign. Without using the right keywords, your content marketing campaign will be on the edge of failure in approaching the right audiences.

Understanding the vital role of Keyword research, many companies decide to invest thousands of dollars in keyword research companies to get the right path. However, there are some who want to do their own keyword research by using available Keyword Research tools on the internet. And here are top 20+ Best Keyword Research Tools 2019 for those who are overwhelmed in choosing the best ones.

Let’s go with free versions of Best Keyword Research Tools

1. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the most used and popular keyword research tool because of its free cost and Google Adword integration. All of its information comes straight from Google, thus its analysis is quite trustable. However, to start using Google Keyword Planner, you need to have a Google Adword account. Once you have your own account, log in and go to Tool > Keyword Planner > Find New Keyword

Let’s try with keyword “Shorten URL

Here is the result you will get:

Google Keyword Planner

As you can see, in Average monthly searches collumn, it shows you a range of search volume. If you want to see a specific number of monthly search volume, your Adword account need to being run an Adword campaign.

One more interesting thing when using Google Keyword Planner is that it shows “top of page bid”. By looking at this collumn you will know how much advertisers are bidding on that keyword.

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2. Keywords everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a very useful tool to use. It is designed as an addon on Chrome (or Firefox). Once adding Keywords Everywhere to your browsers, it will show you search volume, CPC & competition data of the keyword and related ones whenever you type the keyword on Google, YouTube, Amazon, Ebay, etc.

Here is what you can see on Google:

Keyword everywhere

On Amazon:

Amazon _ Keyword everywhere

These data come directly from Google Keyword Planner (according to Akash Mansukhani, Founder, Keywords Everywhere). However, the number is not always accurate for many reasons.

For free tool as Keywords everywhere, it is worth trying

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3. Suggestion Keyword Finder

Suggestion Keyword Finder is a simple keyword research tool which offers you three levels of keyword suggestions.

Suggestion Keyword Finder

For example, for leve1 1, it will show you the top 10 suggested searches from your seed keyword.

Shorten URL_Suggestion keyword finder

Then if you choose the level 2, it will continue expanding the number of keyword suggestions by generating next 10 keywords from each of the ten results from level one. It means you get 100 keywords. And at the level three, it will be 1000 keywords (ten searches from each result in level two)

Level 2_Suggestion Keyword Finder

As a free simple tool, it doesn’t offer advanced analysis as similar tools. However, it is useful enough for generating keyword ideas!

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4. Google trend

Google trend is another keyword research tool from Google. It shows you the changing of search query trend over time.

For example, enter a keyword such as “shorten URL”

Google Trend

You can see the line which shows you the search popularity of this keyword. As you can see the search popularity of this query is quite stable from January to April and it is trending to fall down in May.

This data is very valuable for seasonal keywords. By looking this chart, you will know when the search volume is high or low and from that you can produce the suitable content.

One more feature which makes Google Trend worth trying is “related queries” section (which you can find at the bottom of the page).

Related Queries_Google Trend

This “related querries” box is very helpful in revealing out-of-the-box search queries which you might not have thought about.

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5. Google Search Console

Not like other keyword research tools which offer you tons of keyword suggestion, Google Search Console mainly focuses on your existing keywords on your site. It allows you to check which pages or keywords on your site are being ranked on SERP.

Go to: Search Console > Performance > Queries

It enables you to see the impressions, CTR, and average position for each query. By looking on the average position of the queries, you will know where your targeted keywords are ranked on SERP.

Choosing keywords which are ranked between #8 – #12 in Google and figuring out its landing page by choosing “page”

Then with a little On-page SEO, you can boost the ranking of those keywords on SERP.

This Keyword research tool is perfect to optimize your existing keywords on your site.

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6. Soovle


Soovle is a simple and efficient way to discover search suggestions from top 15 search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, Wikipedia, YouTube, Ask, ebay, Yell, etc). Simply entering your keyword on the search box, you will able to see what the online search engine recommend for you.

Let’s try with the keyword “shorten URL”, here is what you get

Shorten URL_Soovle

After checking the keyword suggestions, you can easily save and download the keywords which you want to add to your list by using “Drag & Drop” feature.

Saved Keywords_Soovle

Soovle is a free and easy-to-use keyword research tool and suitable for simple use.

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7. Google Correlate

Google Correlate is another product from Google. It provides you with corelated keywords but get searched together with the given keywords.

Google Correlate

As you can see, the seed keyword is “shorten URL” and there are some keyword suggestions which don’t even contain the head term. You might be skeptical with them. However, the reason why those keywords are suggested is because this is corelation keywords which have search trend adequately with your root term.

This feature is very useful for generating more potential keywords which you can use to approach your potential clients at the first stage.

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8. Keyword Shitter

Keyword Shitter is another free and user-friendly keyword research tool. Instead of providing you with a vast amount of data related to the keywords like other tool, it only focuses on offering you keyword suggestion. It can provide you ~1K keywords in 5 minutes and even more if you don’t stop it.

Keyword Shitter

You can filter the keywords by using Positive filter and Negative filter.

Positive filter_Keyword Shitter

With Positive filter, it will show you all the keywords which contain both your seed keyword and the word typed in Positive filter box. Negative Filter does opposite work. It will exclude keywords which contain filtered words.

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9. Wordtracker Scount

Wordtracker Scount – an amazing tool to steal your competitor’s keywords- is an extension of Chrome. Once having this extension installed on your browser, you can visit your competitor’s webpage or any webpage which appeals your targeted audience. Then, simply hit the extension (the “W” button) on that webpage to get all the keywords idea which your competitors are optimizing.

Wordtracker Scout

There is one thing which makes this tool distinct is the No. Keyword. It will help you to filter the long tail keywords. By clicking on the number 1,2,3,4,5, it will hide the words which have adequate number of word. For example, if you click on number 1, it will hide single keywords, click on number 2, it will hide 2-word keywords and so on.

No.Keyword_Wordtracker Scout

Moreover, you are also able to view keyword insight in “keyword” section. Searches, Competiton and Opportunity are the data revealed of each keyword. Opportunity section will show you the potential effectiveness of each keyword.

Data _ Wordtracker Scout

The higher the figure is, the better opportunity that keyword will be.

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10. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a fast and free keyword research tool which was originally named


Ubersuggest will provide you a complete list of keyword with both head term suggestions and long tail keyword suggestions.

Keyword ideas_Ubersuggest

Beside that, it also offers you a full data of search volume, CPC, Paid Difficulty (which show the estimated competition in paid search) and Seo Difficulty (which show how difficutl it is to rank that keyword organically)

One more feature which is very outstanding

Keyword suggestion_Ubersuggest

You can see top 100 URLs on SERP of each keyword by clicking on that keyword in the Keyword suggestion section instead of typing new keyword on the search box.

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11. KW Finders

KW finders is one of the most effective keyword research tools with intuitive platform.

KW Finder

Like other keyword research tools, it also produces a list of related keyword suggestions, and furthermore, it includes keyword difficulty score system and unique research options to give you a different mix of results.

Keyword difficulty_KW finder

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Here are the Best Paid Tools for Keyword Research

12. Semrush

SEMrush goes beyond a typical keyword research tool. It is a great multi purpose tool, from keyword research to SEO audit.


It is also a perfect tool for competitive keyword research. By entering your URL (or your competitor’s URL) in the searchbox, you will be able to see top organic keywords which your URLs are ranking for and also know who you are competiting with the common keywords (in Organic Competitors section).

Organic Keyword_SEMrush

Moreover, another great part of SEMrush is Magic Keyword Tools

Magic Keyword Tool_SEMrush

You just need to drop a specific keyword, it will show a list of long tail keywords including the seed keyword. This is extremely useful for collecting new ideas of keyword.

Price: Starting at $99.95/mo

13. is a great tool for discovering variations of keywords and developing your content. It gives you a lot of keyword suggestions with other information such as search volume, CPC and Competition (only see in paid version).

One more feature which makes different from other tools is Analyze Competitors.


By dropping competitor’s name in the searchbox, it will show you a list of keyword ideas based on the site’s content.

Using for getting keyword suggestion is not a bad idea

Price: Starting at $69/mo

14. Moz’s Keyword Explorer

Moz’s keyword explorer offers you keyword suggestions with the different levels of relevancy.

For example, enter a seed keyword like “Shorten URL”,

You will not only get a list of keywords sorting by revelancy

Moz’s Keyword Explorer

When using Moz, you will see two interesting terms: “Organic CTR” and “Priority”.

Data_Moz keyword explorer

Organic CTR shows you the estimated percentage of click for organic links if you get in top 10 in SERP. The score will be lower if many SERP features (ads, verticals,…) compete for attention

Priority is the score combined with CTR, search volume and difficulty. The higher the score is, the higher volume and organic CTR is and the lower difficulty is.

Price: Starting at $99/mo or $79/mo

15. Ahref’s Keyword Explorer

Ahref is a well-known tool for link tracking and analysis. Recenlty It developed a new and updated version of “Keyword Explorer” which quickly becomes one of the most interesting features of Ahrefs. People like to use Ahrefs for checking keyword because it gives them a very comprehensive information on each keyword. Not only offering users with common information such as search volume, PPC rate, clicks per search ratio, but it also offers Keyword difficulty with a specific guide which shows you how many backlinks you need to be ranked on top 10.


The most amazing part of Ahref Keyword Explorer is SERP Overview section. It will enable you to view the data top 10 pages which are ranked for given keywords. After that, you can take the top 10 list and go check out their sites and determine whether you should continue with that keyword or move to another one.

SERP overview_Ahrefs

Ahref’s Keyword Explorer do have free trial version, however, you still have to pay arounf $7 for 7 trial days. However, it is really worth every penny to find the best keywords for SEO!

Price: Starting at $99/mo

16: Longtail Pro

Longtail Pro is one of the best long-tail Keyword research tools out there.  It gives you a great list of long tail keywords with low competition. Longtail Pro allows you to add up to 5 seed keywords at once and get back around 400 related keywords per seed keywords.

Like other tools, Longtail Pro also shows you search volume (monthly search volume), advertiser bid, rank value, Average Keyword Competitiveness (keyword difficulty) and number of words.

What makes Longtail Pro different from other similar tools is that it can track multiple projects for multiple websites or multiple blogs. It will help you to keep your keyword research seperated and you will find it very easy to track them.

Price: Starting at $25/mo

17: Serpstat

Serpstat is a wonderful SEO keyword tool which helps you do everything from site audit, competitor analysis to keyword explore.


Like Ahrefs and SEMrush, Serpstat provides users with Keyword competitiveness, Search volume and CPC.

Moreover, Keyword research on Serpstat produces relevant keywords for you in 2 different categories: Organic keyword and Paid Keyword. In each category, it provides you with estimated volume and CPC of each keyword.

Keyword idea_Serpstat

Besides that, Serpstats also offers the keyword trends insight which helps to show how interested the targeted audience is

Keyword trend_Serpstat

and it also lists the top competitors for the given keywords in competitor graph.

Competitor Graph

By looking at Competitor Graph, you know the difficulty of your keywords.

Price: Starting from $19 to $299/mo

18. Keyword Snatcher

Keyword Snatcher is literally a keyword research tool without offering any other information such as search volume or keyword competitiveness. It only produces a huge number of keywords for users from single seed keyword

Like Soovle, this tool offers you keyword suggestions from different sources such as: Google, Bing, Youtube, Amazon, eBay. Choosing all the sources will help you have more keywords suggestions.

You can ealisy extract the data as a text or CSV file by click Download Suggestion button.

Word count option is useful for filtering long tail keywords

Price: Starting from $47/mo

19. Jaaxy

Jaaxy is an awsome keyword research tool in finding keywords with high traffic but low competiton


Being a fast and effective tool, Jaaxy is capable to find you a hundreds of highly desired keywords in few seconds and offers you full of data regarding to competition, search volume and potential traffic of each keyword it produces.


When using Jaaxy, you might get confused with the term “QSR” which stands for “Quoted Search Result”. This data shows you the number of sites which are trying to rank for that keyword. Obviously you will get ranked better if the number is low.

Price: Starting from $49/mo

20. Spyfu

Spyfu is a cloud-hosted SEO tool specializing in competitive keyword research, link building and competitor analysis.

Unlike most keyword research tools which generate relevant keywords with the seed keyword, Spyfu will help you to figure out keywords which your competitors are ranking for.

To use this tool, you need to put your competitor’s domain or name in the search box, then you will get the data such as organic/paid keywords, monthly organic clicks and paid clicks.

Skyfu is really suitable for those who want to surpass a close competitor in SERPs.

Price: Starting at $33/mo

The right keyword research software can make your work become super easy. If you are new in this field, these top 20 best keyword research tools are really a good start for you.

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