What is BitlyLink?, How to log in on the website? and How to use BitlyLink?

What is BitlyLink?

BitlyLink is a website or an online tool to help you shorten your URL for FREE when Google URL shortener is shuting down. This website gives you a shorten and manageable URL link which is maximum 20 characters.

How to log in?

There are two ways of logging in: one is to create account, the other is to use social media.

First, if you already have an account, click “Log in” at the right of the website.

BitlyLink Background

If you don’t have any account, click “Get started” beside “Log in”, then you will see the register form. Enter the personal information to create an account.

Create a BitlyLink account

Once it’s successful, there is a notification about your account like this below.

Notification about BitlyLink account

Then, you have to check your email to click the link to activate the account on the website.

Email Verification

Finally, click and log in on the web.

Activate a BitlyLink account

The other way is using social media to log in. You can use Facebook account and Google+ account by click “Login using a social network“.

Login using a social network

How to use BitlyLink?

When you have an account, the first thing you will see is the dashboard as below, then paste your link in the box ” Paste a long url” to shorten it.

Paste a long url

If you want to design your own link, you can choose “Advanced Options“, which allows you to make a “Custom Alias“, set “Link Expiration“, and create the “Password Protect” and “Description” of your link.

Advanced Options for long link

Besides, you can choose the redirection of your URL as Direct, Frame or Splash as below.

Choose the redirection of link

Finally, click “Shorten” and you can have a short link like this.

A shortened link

Even if you don’t like the default domain, you can choose another from the available list.

Choose the domains

For more detail, feel FREE to contact us and create your account to have a real experience.

What is BitlyLink?, How to log in on the website? and How to use BitlyLink?
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