15 Amazing Tips On How To Get Free Twitter Followers

Are you going to brand yourself or your business on Twitter? The first thing you need is getting more and more followers. There is a fact that the more followers you have, the more reputation your brand gets. That is also the reason why many people have invested lots of money in improving their follower number. If you are in low budget and want to get free followers, check out our 15 amazing tips to get free Twitter followers now!

How how to increase twitter followers in a free and fast way?

1. Frequent tweeting schedule

15 Amazing Tips On How To Get Free Twitter Followers
Get Free Twitter Followers_regular tweeting

Regular tweeting is an effective way to approach more people on Twitter. Not all the Twitter users can see your tweets due to the different access to the platform. Moreover, feeds move very quickly on Twitter, then if you don’t tweet regularly, you definitely lose a lot of potential followers. 3 -5 tweets per day is suggested. And some studies show that evening is the time to get higher engagement. However, you can do your own experiment to figure out what is the best time for your tweets.

2. Best tweeting time of the day

As mentioned above, evening is considered to get higher engagement for Twitter posts. However, it can be true in some extent. The “perfect” time for Tweeting is varied from your target audiences. For example, your target clients are the youth. So when is the time they are most active on Twitter. Do some small research on Google to define your customer demographic and their habits on Twitter. Or you also can test on your own by tweeting at different time to check the engagement. Engagement level will reveal the right time for you to tweet in a day.

3. Make use of scheduling tool

Due to the fact that your tweets can be disappeared in a short time and people who are not active at the time you tweet might not see your post later, you can freely tweet your post multiple times (up to 20 times) with different captions to approach more people.

If you have more articles or posts which you want to tweet, you can make use of scheduling tools such as Hoot-suite, Buffer or Sprout Social to organize your social scheduling. These tools will help you create an automatic posting schedule, which helps you save a lot of time and be able to control your tweets, too

4. Worthy content of your Tweet

No one wants to follow a Twitter account with full of nonsense tweets which don’t bring them any value. People prefer to follow those who have interesting, informative or attractive tweets. One more reason which encourages you to creatively enrich your tweet content is that tweets can disappear instantly unless they are viral or retweeted for a thousand times.

Having your tweets appealing, newsworthy and relevant to your field will absolutely grab your potential followers’ attention and get free twitter followers instantly.

5. Use hashtag to get more followers

15 Amazing Tips On How To Get Free Twitter Followers
Use hashtag for more Twitter followers

Reports show that hashtag increases tweet’s engagement rate. Indeed, hashtags help your post be searchable and visible with those who don’t even follow you.
Here are some tips on how to make use of hashtag on Twitter:

  • Use hashtag which is related to your business. Use specific hashtag to target your followers better.
  • Do not go overboard with hashtags. Twitter only allows 280 characters for a single tweet. Including too many hashtags in your tweet means you have less space for your main message. The ideal number of hashtag should be around 1-3 at maximum
  • Make use of existing words as hashtags to save more room for your tweets. For example, you can write: check out our new #collection to find your best #hat. As you can see “collection” and “hat” are already appeared on your tweet. You only need to add “#” symbol to turn it into your hashtags.
  • Use trending hashtags to engage with more followers. It is very easy to find trending topics on Twitter. You can easily see it in the left sidebar of your homepage or in the search tab of mobile app. The hashtags are suggested basing your geographical location.

6. Optimize your engagement with others

Engaging you with others is a great way to enhance the engagement rate of your tweet and keep your tweet longer on Twitter. There are 3 ways of engagement on Twitter which are tagging, retweeting and replying.

Like Facebook, tagging is used to tag specific people to your tweets. Twitter will ask you who are involved on your post and you simply add their names on it. The people who you intend to tag in your tweet will get notification once you finish tagging them.

Retweeting is something like you share posts of others or even yourself’s.

You also can create a short conversion with others through your replying on their tweet.

By involving people to the tweets, you will encourage them to keep track of your tweet longer.

7. Optimize your profile to get more relevant followers

Before following anyone, people tend to discover their profiles first to understand more about them. That is the reason Twitter profile is considered one of the most important factors in attracting your followers. If your profile is not clear and appealing, it will create an trustfulness feeling for your followers and they can leave you in a second.

So here are some tips on how to optimize your profile:

  • Using the right Twitter head photo size, profile photos size so that your photos won’t be blurry or over pixelated.
  • Adding your identifiable information, your brand information, website, link into your profile
  • Add your location information so that your business become discoverable according to geographic location.
  • Make your profile stand out by being creative. If you have no idea on how to create an appealing profile, you can check out other Twitter profiles in your industry and then create your own one.

8. Label yourself authority

If you are an expert in your field, be confident to call yourself authority. Your potential followers will find your Twitter trustable and want to follow you to learn about your expertise.

However, if you do not have profound knowledge about a particular topic, please don’t exaggerate yourself. It might bring side effect to your reputation

9. Get followers via your contact list

If you have a contact list, you can import your list on Twitter. Twitter will help you to find people who allow you to reach them through their email address or mobile phone number.

15 Amazing Tips On How To Get Free Twitter Followers
Upload contacts on Twitter

You can choose the suitable ones to follow and normall they will follow back to you. Such an easy way to increase twitter followers free.

10. Share valuable information instead of yourself only

Twitter users are divided into 2 types: Meformers and Informers.

  • Meformers: those whose posts primarily focus on personal or brand ‘s interest or things happen around them
  • Informers: those who tweet informative content which brings value to other people. They not only focus on their brand itself, but also share other useful content, updated statistics or latest new to educate their followers.

So which type do you want to be: informer, meformer or between?

The best way is following the rule 80/20 in which you share 80% valuable content to your followers and only 20% content for promoting your brand.

11. Tweet special offer or discount code

This is a very wise trick to get free twitter followers instantly. Most people want to buy good things with lower price. They would prefer to see special offers or discount codes and use them to save some money. Then why not make us of this knowledge to benefit your brand by tweeting some special offers or discount code which you accidentally see somewhere. If you tweet such kinds of content, your followers will not miss any of your posts.

You also can create your own giveaway events or discount codes of your brand with some requirements such as they have to retweet the post or leave a comment. By doing this way, you will boost your followers as many as you can’t imagine (of course in case your offers attract more people and they like your products).

12. Target your competitors’ followers

Who are your competitors? Who are following them and why?

The key to success in all aspects is following the way your competitors are doing. So as on Twitter. Choose your competitors in your industry and check what type of followers they are having and you can target directly on their followers. Those followers are free real Twitter followers because they show the interest with the same products as yours.

13. Make use of your offline marketing

You may run both offline and online marketing campaigns for your business. Don’t miss the chance to integrate your Twitter account on your offline event by adding them on the offline marketing materials such as poster, clothes, flags…

People who are interested in your offline events may get in touch with you through your Twitter which they saw on the tickets or leaflets.

14. Use other social media platforms

Besides Twitter, you may have other social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Take advantage of those social media sites to increase your followers by simply sharing your tweets.

15. Including your Twitter name on other online profiles

Including Twitter as one of the main contacts to your business also help you gain more free Twitter followers.

15 Amazing Tips On How To Get Free Twitter Followers
Add Twitter to email signature

You can add them on your profiles on social media sites, in your contact section on your website or in your email signature.

Listed here are 15 simple but effective tips to gain more followers for your Twitter. If you have any suggestions or ideas on how to get free followers on Twitter, please drop a comment below.

15 Amazing Tips On How To Get Free Twitter Followers
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