EverNote vs OneNote 2019 – Factors That Matter and Differences You Need to Know

It’s a popular debate; EverNote vs OneNote. EverNote came later to give OneNote a run for its money. Here’s how the two popular cloud-based software apps stand up against each other.

Wait a minute! Don’t you know the difference between Evernote vs OneNote? While both are super awesome note-taking apps. It’s about time you knew where each one is a winner.

There are many factors that determine a good note-taking app. It’s all about your personal experience of it as much as it is about the features. Note-taking apps are a better alternative to handwritten notes. Whether it is for a project, school paper, or other research.

Both Evernote and OneNote are flexible, easy to use, and productive. You can really start to streamline and organize all your notes on a single platform.

So between Evernote vs OneNote. So you want to know which is better and the best note-taking app? Well, let’s find out.

Evernote vs OneNote – An Introduction

Before I begin the comparison, I’d like to talk about each note-taking app. Just so you could get a better idea about what you’re getting into for your needs.

Microsoft OverNote is older than Evernote in age. While OverNote has been around since 2013. Evernote has gained more popularity in a short span of time since 2017. So it’s one point for Evernote for attracting over 200 million users back when they started.

They’re also vowed to make promising changes to their software this year!

But does that make them better?

Microsoft OneNote

Evernote vs OneNote

Microsoft OneNote offers the ability to create both simple and complex notes. You can organize them into notebooks. And search and browse for notes while syncing them across all your devices.

The platforms OneNote supports are as follows: PC, Mac, Windows, Android, Apple and Macs. It supports all devices that run on these platforms.

As far as creativity goes, OneNote is spectacular. You can draw, record audio and video, scan pictures, and embed worksheets. It has various tools that help you edit screenshots.

All in all, OneNote offers basic but productive setup. You can categorize all your notes into notebooks. Create pages in multiple sections and have each page correspond to a group of notes.

Don’t think only Evernote offers a clipping feature. OneNote does so too as an add-on across all platforms. This includes Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

All you have to do is download the add-on from your app store. And click on the icon on the top right corner of the screen to clip content from any tab. But this has a drawback. You need a Microsoft account to run it. And it doesn’t clip media nor does it copy-paste the clipped content to Microsoft Word.


Evernote vs OneNote

Evernote is a different ball-game altogether. Even though it shares most of its functionality with OneNote, Evernote is a beast of its own accord.

It allows you to create as many notes as you want. Organize them into notebooks or tags or both. And sync all the data across multiple platforms. Such as Windows, PCs, Mac, Apple, and iPhones. You can access Evernote on your mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Accessing Evernote is the simplest thing ever. It is probably the most organized note-taking app on the planet! You can easily navigate between your notes. View a notebook, which collects a group of notes, or view them individually.

You can organize your notes by their tags, notebook, or date. It makes note-taking visually compelling and effective. The interface feels productive and engaging even. Like it wants you to try out new features like clipping or adding links.

The most diverse of its features is web clipping. Unlike OneNote it offers a wide range of features and benefits. You can clip an entire page, a part of it, or screenshot it. It also allows you to clip a simplified article which means without the formatting.

Evernote vs OneNote – The Differences

#1 Pricing

What’s the first thing you notice about software or app online? Is it free or premium price-based? This means does the app allow you to access its basic features for free. While charging you a fixed amount per month for its premium features.

Evernote Evernote vs OneNote

The subscription package for Evernote is free, but only for its basic features. You can upload 60MB of storage on a monthly basis. It allows you to sync between 2 platforms.

Evernote also offers Evernote Plus and Evernote Premium. Both are paid plans with features that transcend the basic plan. You get higher storage capacity, unlimited syncing and higher note size.

Having said that, you can have as many as 250 notebooks. Even if you’re on Evernote Plus or Evernote Premium.


OneNote’s subscription package is simpler than Evernote’s. OneNote only takes space into consideration as its key factor. And it offers all features across the board. This is because Microsoft OneNote runs on Microsoft’s cloud.

So it shares itself among other data such as photos, videos, and documents. The free version of OneNote gives you 5GB worth of data capacity. The higher you go, the price increases. Starting from $1.99/month for 50GB to $9.99/month for 5000GB.

You can also select what other integration you want. For example, for $6.99/month, you get 1000GB storage plus Office 365 Personal package. So it’s more productive, accessible, and effective.

The Verdict:

Between Evernote and OneNote, the pricing of the former is ideal. Though Evernote has monthly bandwidth caps, it gives you unlimited storage for free. Whereas with OneNote, you have to pay to get 1TB storage capacity.

#2 Note-Taking & Keeping

The whole point of a note-taking app is simplicity and organization. Without it, you’re better off handwriting all your notes in a book!


Nothing about using Evernote feels clustered. It allows you to maintain all your notes in Notebooks. You can create as many as 250 notebooks with infinite notes in them. And if that isn’t enough, for better accessibility, you can use tags.

This feature is specifically to make your life easier. So you can search for a specific note in hundreds. You can set as many tags as you want for a single note.


OneNote offers excellent organization features, like Evernote. But OneNote also offers color-coded sections for better accessibility. You can divide and sub-divide your ideas in minute details based on different colors.

Secondly, unlike Evernote, OneNote doesn’t offer a cap on notebooks. You can have as many as you want. It gives you tags but pre-set ones such as “critical” or “important.” These may not be as flexible as Evernote. But they’re useful and practical, nonetheless.

The Verdict:

Where Evernote allows you to create custom tags. OneNote gives you an unlimited cap on creating as many notebooks as you want. Having said that, Evernote’s overall functionality feels more streamlined than OneNote.

This includes the web clipper, tags, and search features. This gives Evernote a “one-up” over OneNote in spite of the 250 notebooks limitation.

#3 Formatting Features

Formatting means the little icons that let you change font type, size, color, etc. As much as note-taking & keeping is necessary. You have no idea how productive note-formatting is!


Evernote vs OneNote

If you use a word processor, Evernote has most of its modern text formatting features. This includes changing font style, size, and color. It also includes making the font bold, underlined, or italics.

Evernote checks all the boxes in terms of rich-text formatting. But it lacks is “insert text.” It’s when you are able to insert a text box between paragraphs. This also includes diagrams that are hand drawn.

It has one tablet-friendly feature which is ink notes. You can create something, like sketch or draw using special ink. And it shows on the page as is. However, it doesn’t convert text from ink notes.


Evernote vs OneNote

Do you use Microsoft Word? Then you have all its features right there on OneNote. Additionally, OneNote allows you to add screenshots, audio, and video clippings, etc. This is something that Evernote lacks.

If you have an Outlook account, you can sync location, time, events, etc. on OneNote. The latest version has creative formatting functions. Such as templates, diagramming, and screen clipping.

Unlike Evernote, there is also an ink-to-text converting feature. So you can handwrite notes and save them for later use.

The Verdict:

Between the extensive formatting features of both Evernote and OneNote. OneNote is more flexible in terms of productivity than Evernote. It has more formatting features in terms of the ink-to-text convert, clipping, and diagramming.

#4 Teamwork

Do you have a team to delegate with on a project? This section covers note-taking in relation to sharing with team members.


When it comes to sharing notes with others, Evernote is not far behind. It offers a simple click-to-share feature under every note and notebook. The sharing features are similar to that of Google Docs.

All you have to do is put in the email address of whom you want to send the document. And you can also set permissions such as to view, to edit, or edit and invite. The same technique applies to share a single note if you don’t want to share the entire notebook.

What about undoing changes? Well, Evernote has a trick for that too. If too many people are working on a single note. You can view the note’s history to go back to make changes. And for better collaboration, it even features a chat box for basic exchanges.


OneNote’s sharing features are quite the same as Evernote’s. You can grant editing or viewing access to the person you’re sharing the notebooks with. However, you can’t share a single note unless you want to share some part of text within the note.

OneNote has no chatting app like Evernote. Nor does it offer a history box for each note. So you can’t view or edit or undo anything from the previous changes.

The Verdict:

I think it’s obvious which note-taking app is the best for its collaboration. Evernote is versatile, efficient, and productive. It offers a variety of features that’ll help you communicate and create better with a team.

Final Thoughts

After factoring in 4 key features of any note-taking app. The final verdict is that Evernote is a better option than OneNote. But only in comparison is it the best. Both are incredible note-taking apps with a lot of exciting features to offer.

OneNote had recently upgraded to OneNote 2016. It came with dynamic features that did put it one step ahead of Evernote. However, OneNote 2016 is likely to get discarded by Microsoft.

So this brings Evernote back to the driving seat. With the availability of custom tags, versioning, web clipping, and formatting. It’s the note-taking app that you want.

EverNote vs OneNote 2019 – Factors That Matter and Differences You Need to Know
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