Common Digital Marketing Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

The only thing constant about digital marketing is its nature to change instantly. Due to these constant changes in technologies, trends, and platforms, it is very important for companies to carefully plan and execute their marketing strategies. If you own a business and are looking for a digital marketing strategy, below are some common digital marketing mistakes that you need to avoid:

Not Having a Digital Marketing Strategy

Not Having a Digital Marketing Strategy

The first and the most important part of your digital marketing strategy should be accepting the fact that your business requires a constant marketing strategy. Many small and medium brands often refute the idea of a marketing campaign, which costs them dearly. There are some misconceptions around digital marketing, such as:

  • Only big businesses require a digital marketing campaign: Businesses of all sizes should invest in a digital marketing campaign to move to the digital pool of consumers. If you wish to make your business big, you will have to compete with businesses of all shapes and sizes online in order to achieve your goal.
  • Putting together a marketing plan is really tough: If you are just starting with digital marketing, you can use countless tutorials and courses to kick-start your campaign. Initially, you just need to introduce your brand to the consumers and then carry forward with marketing your products and services. If you still cannot wrap your head around it, hiring a marketing manager/executive will always help you in the long run.

Not Having an End-Goal

Before you begin your marketing campaign, you should have a clear objective in mind about what you want to achieve through this campaign. If your target from a campaign is to generate sales, it would require a different strategy than a campaign whose end goal is to generate engagement on social media channels of your business. 

Without a set of established goals, you will never be able to measure if your marketing campaign was successful or not, and you may not realize when your campaign requires an additional boost or a measured approach. Without a final objective to compare your results to, future marketing investments will also be difficult to justify.

Ignoring Mobile is not Business-Friendly

Even though the majority of brands understands the importance of mobile users, the number of ventures which do not is shocking. Every online activity of your brand should be performed after keeping in mind mobile users. Actually, many industries now witness more traffic from mobile users than desktop users. If your website or content on social media channels is not mobile optimized, you risk missing out the opportunity to interact with a huge segment of users which may convert into a potential audience and even consumers.

Targeting the Wrong Audience

Even the perfectly designed and executed campaigns will fall flat on their head if they are not marketed to the right audience. In any marketing campaign of any brand of any domain, the audience is the most important aspect. Your catchy headline or your beautiful graphic will not leave an impact if it isn’t marketed to the actual audience your brand needs to connect with.

For example, the post about a college scholarship needs to be created to reverberate with the audience of age 16-20 (primarily) rather than the audience of age 45-50. The sheer number of people visiting your brand page or website will not matter much compared to the relevant traffic you receive. In reality, your website needs relevant traffic from the right audience which can be converted into customers. This right audience can be identified using analytical tools.

Tools such as Google Analytics are essential in understanding the mind of the audience interacting with your website. However, there is an abundance of data available when it comes to analytics and it is important to understand which data is your priority. There is no universal answer to which are the most important data points for your business, as it will highly vary as per your industry and business needs. These analytics can provide constant analysis of your content performance and help you review your strategy and change it accordingly. 

Having No or Negligible Presence on Social Media

In this day and age, social media has become the platform for businesses of all kinds to grow and generate revenue. If your business is not on social media or just there for namesake, you are making a huge mistake. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and many others help you engage with audiences which may convert into potential customers. By connecting to your audience, you increase your brand awareness and even allow customers to connect with you at a more informal level. Social media is also perfect for any offers you wish to run, as it can disseminate the offers to a large number of users easily.  

Not Adding Quality Content

Your website is the face of your organisation online, and it needs interesting and up-to-date content rather than the old mundane and generic content. Due to the ever-changing algorithms of search engines, your website will not rank highly with the same old basic content. To engage the users and at the same time get a good search engine ranking, your content needs to be unique, informative and relevant, as keyword stuffing doesn’t work anymore. While coming up with a marketing strategy, keep a creative eye for your content as well, to engage the audience and generate more sales.

Ignoring the need for SEO

Brands which do not invest in an SEO strategy lose out on numerous potential consumers. Improving the SEO of your website is still the greatest way to gain relevant eyeballs organically by increasing your search visibility through various search engines, predominantly Google. Even though many people believe SEO doesn’t work, nothing can be farther from the truth. SEO techniques are time-tested and proven to work perfectly and businesses that invest in an SEO strategy boast of additional visitors and even sales. Some of the basic SEO techniques that you can implement on your own are: 

  • Adding the primary keyword (for a relevant audience) in the title tag, meta description, URL of your content while naturally scattered inside for maximum visibility
  • Adding graphics, and interesting and interactive content to increase the stay time of users, increasing your search engine rankings
  • Including relevant backlinks to your post

These basic strategies will help you start the race, but an SEO agency might be able to help you run it. The algorithms of the search engines keep on changing and it is vital to keep track of the same, which is where the SEO agency comes in. Meanwhile, you can edit your website and keep the information up-to-date to get things rolling. You can learn the basics of SEO from these tutorials and courses and begin your SEO journey.

Underspending on Your Marketing Campaign

There is a popular business saying, ‘in order to make money, you need to spend money’. It stands true for digital marketing as well. Many businesses believe they can achieve incredible growth numbers using free tools, template websites, and basic SEO techniques. But in reality, these practices have a very low growth ceiling and you need a set budget for both creating a website and marketing.

Spending a huge amount of capital on development of the website but having no budget for marketing will not help you gain visitors, and on the other hand, spending a lot on marketing but not on the website will lead visitors to an unfinished or low-quality product. There it is important that your website is user-friendly and serves its purpose, and then you can invest in marketing. Get your website developed by experts at Squareboat and stay ahead of your competition.

You need to find the right mix of budget where your product(s) and digital marketing campaign don’t need to compromise on quality. The exact amount of marketing cost will always vary upon your needs, but it should ideally be somewhere between 25-50% of your website development cost. 


Digital Marketing, depending on your actions, can be your best friend or your worst enemy. But in toto, it is nothing to be scared of. If you avoid making these mistakes, you will surely observe a positive impact. Be realistic in your expectations and give the marketing plan some time to work, and you are on the right track.

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Common Digital Marketing Mistakes That You Need To Avoid
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