Top Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid That Can Cripple Your Campaign

You understand how crucial your digital marketing strategies for attracting consumers to your business. Take note that your website is where the first impression will be created about your company. It is where the attention of your consumers will remain bound or not. It is also the place where your consumers will or will not contact you. The last thing any website requires is less website traffic, lost conversions, and decreased revenue.

Let us take a look at the common mistakes you need to avoid when working on your digital marketing strategies: 

1. Not Having a Mobile Site

Did you know that employing smartphones to access a business about a local store is something most smartphone users do? The hole between offline and online shopping remains to close as more number of consumers engages through their smartphone in-store. A few shoppers prefer to engage this manner to personal interaction. However, it does not denote that retailers must give up on informing their store associates. 

A 2018 survey from HRC Retail Advisory discovered that fifty-nine percent of US smartphone consumers utilized their device in-store. They use it to compare costs or look for coupons and deals. Similar to searching for item reviews, over half of the respondents shared items while in-store as a way of gathering thoughts from family and peers. 

If your website isn’t optimized for desktop and mobile viewing, you need to ensure you build a web-friendly site with various key features. This includes your address, phone numbers, and hours of operation. Make sure that you have the click-to-call functionality too. 

Your website must expose itself when loading on a mobile phone. If limited information is seen, it will trigger frustration, resulting in poor user experience. If your consumers cannot access everything they want on their phone, they will find another website (your competitor) who will accommodate them completely. 

One more thing, if your website is not designed for mobile use, it might not even show up in mobile search results. That would probably cost you half your traffic you must be receiving from CEO. 

2. Lack of Purpose on Your Videos

It takes a bit of time and practice to master Creative Marketing Strategy, but it’s not difficult to add explainer video production on your strategy. Do not make videos only because it is the thing to do. Take note that you still need a purpose and clearly defined goals. Determine such goals and keep them in mind at every phase of the process. It will help you with the decisions you need to make. 

To make your video marketing flourishing, you need to understand your audience well. Starting making videos without a better grasp of the taste and interests of their audience is one of the major mistakes individuals make. Collect as much information about your audience. Try to explore what type of videos they enjoy the most. 

3. Not Tracking ROI

How could you efficiently keep your marketing strategies if you don’t understand your ROI? What’s more, how could you determine which ineffectual marketing methods should be removed or improved? 

Any organization or business dealing with digital advertising requires back-end technology, tracking where all clicks and calls initiated. If you cannot identify the source of visitor contacts, your marketing money are useless. For instance, a party planner might have a website geared with five tracking phone numbers. These numbers will inevitably swap on the site according to the visit’s marketing source-in this case: directories, social media, organic search, paid search, and direct ads.

Not Tracking ROI

Monitoring the technology enables you to know which marketing programs are driving the most contacts and visits to your website. The outcome is nothing but productive. Your decisions could be adjusted as to where to use your money marketing most efficiently. 

4. No Secondary Conversion Path

Your conversion rate should not stand still and suffer if it’s after-business-hour for your company. Your website should have a secondary conversion path like live chat, contact form, or email option, allowing consumers to keep connected to you 24/7. Take note that customers like to feel they have the power to achieve their goal even when the sun sets. Having a secondary conversion dismisses stress when a prospective client doesn’t need to wait long hours to ask a question or buy a product. You need to get rid of the hindrance and stress at all cost. 

For instance, live chat is a wonderful secondary conversion tool. It gives a comfort level for customers who could relax in the mind of their vehicle, office, or home. If someone wishes to purchase a car but doesn’t have a desire today, a live chat could feel far less nerve-wracking. 

5. Not Including Videos on Your Marketing Efforts

Video consumption has developed in the past years because of the platform like YouTube. That goes to show how vital explainer video production could be for your business. The majority of online marketers today do not even make an effort with marketing videos. They do not fully understand how much it could do for them. 

Not Including Videos on Your Marketing Efforts

The truth is, when used properly, video marketing could offer you a high level of exposure. It could bring in free-targeted traffic. Are you making this mistake? It would be a great idea to get started as soon as possible. 

Today, as part of your digital marketing efforts, you must include explainer video production. You will find different ways videos will work for your business. 

Bottom Line

By getting rid of the costly mistakes, your website could attract far more visitors and convert them into actual customers. Everything boils down to understanding and distinguishing the leaks in your sales funnel. You can fix those leaks by using highly-efficient digital marketing strategies which have proven themselves as leaders in the digital world.

Now, if your business is interested in an explainer video production, feel free to call They have the resources and tips to boost your video marketing needs.

Top Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid That Can Cripple Your Campaign
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