Top 12 Business Travel Blogs and Websites for Every Travel Manager

Are you looking for the top business travel blog? So, the ultimate list of the Best Business Travel Blogs 2019 is here.

The top business travel blogs will take you a great business trip. They emphasize on the newest trends, most up-to-date tips, and handy insight for getting prolific and well-organized trips.

Let’s know about the business travel blogs according to Accounting Firms that every travel executive should know it.

1. Business Traveller

About Blog: This business travel blog has been initiated in the UK in 1976, this is a famous blog and it has become the top magazine all over the world for the regular business explorer. A user journal and online blog that is intended at entertaining business commuters that can save lots of money and also helps to make the travelling life easier.

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2. Breaking Travel News

About Blog: This is Breaking Travel News and it is one of the best online platforms for travel industry managers in the world. The site stands as one of the prominent European business-to-business travel sites, catch the attention of more than 10,000 industry executives every day.

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3. Business Travel News

About Blog: The BTN Group is the acknowledged organizer of business travel and gathering information and intelligence in North America. The BTN Group has an unparalleled frequency of over 65,000 business travel/meeting experts with its top international brands; Business Travel News, Travel Procurement and The Beat.

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4. Business Travel Life | Travel Tips

About Blog: Business Travel Life is a great platform for business commuters and this blog mostly covers all business travel tips and new travel trends, healthy travel, travel accessories, hotel. This blog has the intention to make business travel better and strong business travel convenient.

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5. Frequent Business Traveller

About Blog: The FBT is one of the eminent business and travel publications that are created to provide to the travel and lifestyle requirements of the business tourist. The readers of this travel business look for a great deal in travel like top hotels, airline cabins, restaurants, & automobiles as well as multiple cultural activities which incorporate concerts and shows -and our writers, and the International Travel Writer Alliance, and many more are offered.

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6. Stuck at the Airport

About Blog: As this Stuck at the Airport Founder Harriet Basks is fully committed to supporting all business travellers along with providing the commuters astonishing airport ‘lock-ins.’ This blog is loaded with plenty of about the top airport lounges, state-of-the-art building reporting, restaurant and hotel reviews, and other great things for the airport-bound business traveller.

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7. Road Warrior Ette

About Blog: The Road Warrior Ette is that business travel blog where you can find out the whole things about travelling for jobs with great effectiveness and fashion. After a long time on the road, Road Warrior Ette understands how to assist the travellers so, that they get flawless and comfortable journey possible. Also, you will find valuable tips and guidance on packing, protocol, and making your business travel hassle-free as possible.

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8. Skift | Corporate Travel

About Blog: Skift is the leading industry brainpower platform that offers MEDIA, INSIGHTS and MARKETING and covers major segments of travel. Skift states and provides news and information about business travel in particular for the business traveller market.

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9. Good Travel Management

About Blog: Good Travel Management is one of the most reliable autonomous corporate travel brands in the UK. This blog aims to reduce the stress of booking, management and responsibility business travel by making corporate travel convenient and easier for one and all.

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10. American Express Global Business Travel | The Atlas

About Blog: American Express Global Business Travel offers a complete corporate travel and assembly program management – for organizations all over the companies.

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11. Buying Business Travel

About Blog: Buying Business Travel is of the trusted publication for travel in the UK. Buying Business Travel is the definitive platform for getting enough information and travel news are disseminated through the print magazines and supplements, events, digital publications or 24/7 online news channel.

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12. Hillgate Travel | Business Travel Management

About Blog: This Hillgate business blog offers a flexible move that merges the great level of high touch service in the business travel segments. This travel blog organizes and expands our programmes to work together with our clients by transforming business requirements and to plan for future development.

Hillgate Travel is now part of the Reed & Mackay Group (WWW.REEDMACKAY.COM).

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These are prominent business travel blogs by Business Accounting firms that every travel manager should know about them.

Top 12 Business Travel Blogs and Websites for Every Travel Manager
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