Top 10 Best Twitter Unfollow Apps and Tools in 2019

Do you know that Twitter only allows its users to follow approximately 2000 accounts more than the number of people who follow them? As a result, your potential followers can be limited if your account has too many fake and inactive followers or even those who don’t follow you back.

Having the accounts which bring no value to you unfollowed is what you should do to attract more people who actually want to connect with you. If removing them out of your account makes you tired, top 10 following best Twitter unfollow apps and tools which help you to massively unfollow people at once definitely save you up.

Best Twitter unfollow apps and tools in 2019

1. SocialOopmph

Top 10 Best Twitter Unfollow Apps and Tools in 2019
SocialOomph_Best Twitter Unfollow app

SocialOopmph is a simple but powerful tool. Formerly, it was the social media solution for Twitter only, but after that it was developed to support tasks across multiple channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

With the constant development of SocialOopmph, it goes beyond a simple unfollow Twitter tool.

Highlight features:

  • Multiple profile management (up to 5 profiles)
  • Automatic direct messaging to new followers
  • Tweet scheduling
  • Email reply digest
  • Auto follow and unfollow

Including ultimate features, this tool doesn’t come free.


  • Free version: Advanced feature limited with 14 day trial
  • Agency: $100/monthly
  • Small team: $50/monthly
  • Professional: $30/monthly

2. CrowdFire

Top 10 Best Twitter Unfollow Apps and Tools in 2019
CrowdFire_unfollow non followers

CrowdFire is a great social media management platform with lots of smart features. Like SocialOopmph, it was used as a Twitter unfollow app only, so-called Justunfollow, it now has been expanded to support Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook as well. Accessible from both web and mobile (IOS and Android apps), CrowdFire helps you easily clear off non-followers or inactive followers in your account.

Highlight features:

  • Multiple profile management
  • Tweet scheduling
  • Hashtag recommendation
  • Unfollow unwanted accounts
  • Twitter analysis

Besides these interesting features of CrowdFire, there is one drawback of CrowdFire is the limitation to unfollow only 25 account per day for free version.


  • Free: 1 linked account with 10 schedule posts
  • Plus: $7.48 monthly with 2 linked account and 100 schedule posts
  • Premium: $37.48 monthly with 5 linked account and 100 schedule posts
  • Vip: $74.98 monthly with 50 linked account and 800 schedule posts

3. Who Unfollowed Me

Top 10 Best Twitter Unfollow Apps and Tools in 2019
Who.Unfollow.me_find Twitter unfollowers

As its name, this tool is perfectly used to let you know who unfollowed you on Twitter. If suddenly you realize the number of your followers are dropped down, this tool becomes very useful to help you check Twitter unfollowers. Besides that, Who Unfollow Me also allows you to see who have blocked you and who have not followed you back. From that, you can easily get rid of them.

Highlight features:

  • Automatic unfollower checking
  • Ability to list of non-followers
  • Showing unfollow account with new followers in a period of time
  • Auto unfollowing those who do not follow you back

Who Unfollow Me if a simple but brilliant. It best matches with those who like to check who unfollowed them.


  • Free: Up to 75,000 Followers / Following
  • Pro: $4.99/month – Up to 150,000 Followers / Following
  • Super Pro: $6.99/month – Up to 300,000 Followers / Following

4. Manage Flitter

Top 10 Best Twitter Unfollow Apps and Tools in 2019
ManageFlitter_Twitter unfollow tool

Manage Flitter is a web-based Twitter management tool which enables you to easily track your Twitter following. Manage Flitter also gives you all the information of your followers, from that you can deeply analyze your potential clients

Highlight features:

  • Ability to show inactive, fake or not-following-back account
  • Talkative/Quite feature lets you know who have regular tweets or not
  • Account search feature to search followers through keywords
  • Analytics tools for quickly analyzing your followers
  • Power post – Tweet scheduling

Manager Flitter seems to be a very powerful tool which comes with both free and paid version, too.


  • Free: for small Twitter account with limitation
  • Pro version: $12/month
  • Business version: $49/month

5. Tweepi

Top 10 Best Twitter Unfollow Apps and Tools in 2019
Tweepi_Twitter unfollow tracker

Appearing as a useful Twitter app to manage Twitter followers, Tweepi allows users to simply follow and unfollow tweeps in bulk. Tweepi also helps you to massively boost the number of your desired followers by using data filters or trigger geo-location tweet search.

Highlight features:

  • Geo-location search for finding new followers
  • Finding and following relevant users
  • Mass follow/unfollow feature
  • Multi-account management

Tweeti can do a specific action in bulk, thus it is considered a time and effort saver.


  • Free: Limited features
  • Silver package: $12.99/month
  • Platinum package: $24.99/month

6. Statusbrew

Top 10 Best Twitter Unfollow Apps and Tools in 2019
StatusBrew_mass unfollow Twitter app

Like most of above mentioned Twitter unfollow apps, Statusbrew is also a multi channel management tool. Not only does it specialize in Twitter, it also allows you to manage Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and other sites on only one platform. Using this tool, you will be able to track your channel’s engagement, analyze your competitors and auto publish across all your channel.

Highlight features:

  • Automatic publishing tweets, posts
  • Tweet scheduling
  • Unfollow non-follower or inactive accounts
  • Searchable functions via keywords, location, account age
  • Content management for saving Tweets for reusing

Statusbrew also lets you see who are your new followers and new non-followers, from that you can decide to follow them back or unfollow them. Statusbrew comes with many outstanding features.


  1. Free: Schedule 10 tweets in maximum.
  2. Paid version: $25 monthly

7. Circleboom

Top 10 Best Twitter Unfollow Apps and Tools in 2019
Circleboom_Unfollow Twitter who don’t follow you

Circleboom specializing in Twitter management tool is a great Twitter Unfollow app which comes with a variety set of tools such as follow tool, unfollow tool, publish tool, search tool… All the tool sets are very easy to use.

Highlight features:

  • Smart tweets for connecting Blog or website’s RSS feed to Twitter accounts and easily scheduling tweets.
  • Searchable feature for easily finding new followers through tastes, tags or other filters.
  • Unfollowing feature for removing fake/spam accounts or inactive ones or even too active accounts.
  • Analytics feature for reporting status of the account

Full of Twitter specialized features with unique user interface, Circleboom is deserved to be one of your favorite Twitter tools.


  • Free: manage only 1 profile with some limitation
  • Pro pack: $4/month – manage only 1 profile without limitation
  • Multi pack: $15/month– manage 5 profile without limitation

8. SocialBro

Top 10 Best Twitter Unfollow Apps and Tools in 2019
SocialBro_followers manager tool

SocialBro is a great Twitter tool which help you control your tweets and see changes in your followers. You can easily see your new followers as well followers who stop follow you or haven’t followed you back. Besides that, SocialBio also enables you to have a comprehensive look about the people who are following you.

Highlight features:

  • Audience insight for deeply understanding about the followers
  • Competitor analytic for checking your competitor followers and Twitter strategy
  • Advanced reporting feature for doing reports on events, hashtags or industry reports.
  • Collaboration function for controlling teammates working in your Twitter projects

SocialBio is best used for those who wish to understand their followers through their habits on Twitter or type of posts they tweet.


  • Monthly: $1,499/month
  • Annual: $696/month

9. App Unfollowers

Top 10 Best Twitter Unfollow Apps and Tools in 2019
App Unfollowers _ Free Twitter unfollow app

App Unffollowers is a useful and free Twitter management tool which not only allows you unfollow unwanted accounts but also let you keep track your followers.

You can easily use this tool by logging in with the Twitter account which you want to track.

Highlight features:

  • Whitelist user for saving accounts which you never want to unfollow
  • Copy follower feature for increasing your follower by copying followers of any Twitter accounts.
  • Direct message for sending a direct message to Twitter users automatically.
  • Twitter trend for updating trending topics globally

App Unfollower is overall a simple but effective Twitter tool which you can use to grow and manage your followers

Price: Free

10. Friendorfollow

Top 10 Best Twitter Unfollow Apps and Tools in 2019
Friendorfollow_Easy unfollow Twitter

Friend or follow is a very simple Twitter unfollow tool which supports you to analyze your account to find out your non-followers. It also offers you .csv file of your followers and who you follow.

Highlight features:

  • Sorting and filtering feature for finding those you want to follow and vice versa
  • Follower management for tracking who you are following and who are following you
  • Multiple account management for manage all social accounts in one place


  • Basic: $4.99 / month
  • Gold: $9.99 / month
  • Business: $49.99 / month

Final thought

Regularly clean up your Twitter account to get rid of fake/spam or inactive followers and non followers brings more good than harm. It will help to refresh your Twitter account and free up space for more potential followers. And the top 10 best Twitter unfollow apps & tool above are the best ones can support you. Be a wise user to find the most suitable one.

Top 10 Best Twitter Unfollow Apps and Tools in 2019
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