Best Times To Post On Instagram 2019

Depressed when seeing poor content gets more Instagram likes and views than your page? Don’t worry! The key may lie in the time you choose to post. Here are the best times to post anything on Instagram and ensure the growth of your page!

What does “best” even mean?

Every Instagram account is created with a special intention. It could be your personal account to interact with your friends, or a business account for your entrepreneurship endeavor, or a blog to review about things you like. Each of those accounts has different audience with diverse online habits and maybe even various time zones.

However, in a nutshell, it all comes down to make sure your posts are “recent” when your followers are most likely to be online.

Universally “best”

Yes, “it depends”. However, with a research on 12 million Instagram posts in multiple time zones around the world from accounts ranging from 100 to 1 million+ followers by Later, we have 3 best times to post on Instagram on different days of the weeks for you by Eastern Standard Time.

Best Times To Post On Instagram 2019

Personalize your posting time

  • Find when your followers are online based on your time zone

You could do this easily with Instagram’s native analytic tools or Instagram Insights, for which you will have set up an Instagram business profile.

  • Experiment different times and monitor the differences

You could start conducting your own little experiment by creating a Google spreadsheet or an Excel file to note down the engagement at different times on different days. Read more: [Perfect Instagram Story Dimension and Examples].

It may take some time but then, you can make informed decision and increase your Instagram account traffic like no other ways.

Other Notes

These are some tips you should consider

  • Post during break time, rather than working hours: You will want to post on lunchtime (11am-1pm) and evenings (7-9pm) since people will have more time and comfort to surf the net.
  • Weekdays or Weekends? The differences are subtle. However, business account, especially B2B ones, should post on weekdays because it’s the only time when business decisions are made. Bloggers, on the other hand, should post on weekends when their followers are having more free time.

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Good luck! We’re sure you will never be disappointed with your low Instagram engagement again!

Best Times To Post On Instagram 2019
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