Get Things Done (GTD) Methodolory & Top 10 Best GTD Apps in 2019

Have you ever heard about Get Things Done (GTD) apps? If not, in this article, you will learn what GTD is and top 10 best GTD apps in 2019.

What is GTD?

GTD stands for “Get Things Done” is a time management method. Its name was derived from the title of a book written by David Allen – a famous author and productivity consultant.

GTD is designed to help you accomplish tasks though a systematic series of steps. GTD method comprises of 5 basic pillars which are:

Capture: The first step in GTD method is to clear your mind by transferring them into external system which can be a simple note app or to-do list app or even paper.

Clarify: After jotting down all the tasks, this is the moment you need to identify which things need to be done first and which ones do not require your attention at all.

Organize: In this step, you will categorize and prioritize your tasks according to due dates and the nature of urgency.

If some of your tasks are not actionable, then you can dump them into task lists including:

What is Get Things Done (GTD) Methodolory and Top 10 Best GTD Apps in 2019
Best GTD Apps in 2019_GTD Decision Tree
  • Trash: where you put unimportant tasks which you don’t need to care about.
  • References: the place where you store tasks that do not require any actions at the moment but needed in the near future
  • Someday/Maybe: This list is for tasks which you have no idea of when it should be done. Regularly review them to see whether any actions are needed.

Reflect: This step is for reviewing and monitoring the workflow to evaluate the process as well as identify what should be improved

Engage: There you go! Now you just need to get your head into what you have listed.

Top 10 GTD apps you should not miss in 2019

Understand what GTD is, now let figure out top best GTD apps which you should use in 2019

1. Facile Things

What is Get Things Done (GTD) Methodolory and Top 10 Best GTD Apps in 2019
Facilethings_ Best GTD Apps in 2019

Facile Things makes it to the top of the list because of its outstanding features as well as its slick interface and aesthetically pleasing design. Following exactly GTD methodology, this GTD tool allows users to quickly implement the first two steps “Capture and Clarify” before moving to the next steps. Besides, you can easily transfer your ideas thanks to its integration of external systems such as Evernote, Google Calendar or some other apps.

Key features:

  • A variety of relevant lists for categorizing the tasks
  • Calendar task for easy checking
  • Weekly review process to help reflect on decisions
  • Integration with a bunch of third-party application
  • Ability to link projects to their related next actions
  • Automatically syncing all notes with Evernote


  • 1 month– $12
  • 3 months– $9/month
  • 6 months– $8/monthly
  • A year– $7/monthly

Platform: Android, IOS

2. Nirvana

The second get things done app mentioned here is Nirvana which comes with smart features to get things done faster. Designed with native lists, Nirvana flexibly fits all the tasks following their context. It also allows you to quickly capture all of your ideas in one place thanks to inbox functionality feature. However, the most outstanding feature of Nirvana is the energy level field of each task. When a task is added, you can set the energy level of that task, which will help you define the level of attention the task requires. Besides that, you also can estimate how much time is needed for getting it done.

Key features:

  • User-friendly and beautiful interface
  • Tasks displayed with energy level and time estimation
  • Start dates and due dates with tasks
  • Focus list sent via for reminding of important task in the day
  • Postponed tasks to save unimportant task which can solve later


  • Free– basic features of Nirvana
  • Pro–  $5 monthly, $29 per year, and $49 for lifetime subscription

Platforms: Android, IOS, Web

3. Todoist

Offering simple approach on the GTD method with rich feature set for managing tasks, Todoist is one of the top recommendations for to-do list management apps. The interesting feature of Todoist is performance review which you can check your implement via visually beautiful charts and graphs. By looking at the nicely graphical visualization, you can easily reflect your action and have plans for future achievement.

Key features:

  • Quick app functionality for quickly jotting down the ideas
  • Automatically syncing to any devices which the app is used
  • Karma and productivity streak systems for performance review
  • Color-code between projects to distinguish among them
  • Multiple third-party tool integrations


  • Free –for starters, up to 80 projects, up to 5 people per project.
  • Premium – $3 per month
  • Business – $5 per user/month

Platforms: IOS, Android

4. OmniFocus

What is Get Things Done (GTD) Methodolory and Top 10 Best GTD Apps in 2019
OmniFocus_Best GTD tools

OmniFocus – a GTD software specializing for Mac and IOS comes with powerful features to get things done. The intuitive and simple user-interface of OmniFocus allows you to have things done easily and flexibly. You can quickly add actions, tags to the tasks simply by using Siri if you don’t like to type them. Moreover, forecast feature also allows you to see what is in the top of your schedule.

Key Features:

  • Quickly entry
  • Calendar integration
  • Custom perspective for creating and saving a custom view of tasks
  • Focus Tab for showing tasks separately on the app window
  • Forecast functionality to check the next actions
  • Automatically syncing across multiple devices for smooth workflows


For Mac:

  • Standard– $49.99
  • Pro– $99.99

For IOS:

  • Standard– $49.99
  • Pro– $74.99

Platforms:  IOS, Mac, Web

5. Zendone

Zendone is another task management solution dedicated for Mac and IOS users. Powerful categorization and organization feature make this GTD app listed as number 5 in the list. Zendone offers features which are exactly needed for implementing GTD method such as inbox for saving ideas, lists for reviewing and organizing tasks and do for the next task. Besides that, the smart and clean interface of the app enables you to quickly and easily get things done.

Key Features:

  • Google calendar and Evernote integration for uninterrupted process
  • Grouping of actions for easy use
  • Offline support for the PC
  • Touch apps for phones and tablet
  • Calendar view for event checking


  • $9 per month.

Platforms:  IOS, Mac, Web

6. Notion

Looking for a little more just normal GTD app, Notion is absolutely a good choice. The tool comes with advanced task management solution as well as smart features to help you get all things done easily without any external add-ons. Having all data organized in one place, Notion allows you to easily access whenever you want. It also offers spreadsheets showing record of your performance.

Key Feature:

  • Minimal but functional interface
  • All in one place for internal use without any other supported tools
  • Dashboard customization for easy use
  • Data source connector for quickly review


  • Free –unlimited members, 1000 blocks, and 5 MB file upload limit
  • Personal– $4 per month
  • Team– $8 per user/month
  • Enterprise– $16 per user/month

Platforms: Android, IOS

7. Evernote

Evernote is a very popular name in task management apps. Coming with a myriad of features which serve multiple purposes, Evernote deserves to be the best one of the get things done apps.

Evernote is designed to support you from a simple task management to elaborate project managements. You can also quickly list things down by using Google Assistant or Siri and then easily keep connected thanks to synchronization feature across devices.

Key Features:

  • Organizational features including tags, cross-link notes, file attachment.
  • Web clipper browser extension for saving content online
  • Ability to snap photos, record audio, save documents
  • Content available for access offline or through Ever
  • Easy sharing of list to anyone to take quick decisions
  • Automatic synchronization across devices


  • Basic– Free forever
  • Premium– $7.99 per month
  • Business– $14.99 per/month

Platform: IOS, Android

8. Things 3

Thing 3 is an easy GTD apps with simple user interface and drag &drop option. You can quickly create your schedule by writing down your items, set due dates and tags. Besides that, you also can customize the dashboard to only focus on your current tasks

Key Feaures:

  • Drag and drop option for easily organizing items
  • Best dark mode for using at night
  • Quick entry for quickly adding new tasks
  • Structured projects according to your role (project manager, parents,…)
  • Tags and heading for easily viewing tasks
  • Calendar integration for keeping everything in check


  • Mac– $49.99
  • IPhone & Watch– $9.99
  • IPad– $19.99

Platform: IOS

9. 2Do

If you are looking for a GTD focused solution, 2Do – a GTD app for Android is what you should go for. Coming with full feature set for GTD implement, 2Do allows you to manage your tasks more easily than ever. Like Todoist, 2Do also makes use of color code to help differentiate multiple tasks. Quick add feature is also included to help quickly capture whatever you have in mind.

Key Features:

  • Color code in categorizing items
  • Quick app feature for faster listing things up
  • Smart list for smarter approach with due date detail and tagging information
  • Setting and sorting menu for quickly searching tasks
  • Context customization for adding as much detail as you want


  • Android– Free
  • IOS– $14.99
  • Mac– $49.99

Platform: Android, Mac, IOS

10. Firetask

What is Get Things Done (GTD Methodolory and Top 10 Best GTD Apps in 2019
Firetask_Best Get Things Done software in 2019

Firetask – a clean and well-design task management app which is designed for Mac and IOS users only. The window consists of two panels including task grouping and another panel which show the foci of the group. At the top, a toolbar offers buttons for common actions like adding a new task or opening an information palette.

Key Feature:

  • Simple but excellent user interface
  • Options for timing repeating task
  • Synchronization between Apple products
  • Focused feature set


  • Basic– FREE
  • Pro– $19.99 per month

Platform: IOS, Mac

This is the end of the GTD apps list. If you are wondering about which app you should use, hope you find this article helpful. If you have been already using a GTD app, which are not listed here, please drop a comment and share with us!

Get Things Done (GTD) Methodolory & Top 10 Best GTD Apps in 2019
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