15 Best Calendar Apps For Android, Iphone and Ipad

When our lives are measured by units of time such as deadlines, events, important dates, distance, plans, etc.. ; it would make sense to focus on managing our time instead of our tasks. Using a calendar effectively can help you tap into the power of one focused hour a day. No matter how your phone is Android or IOS, these 15 calendar apps below will bring about the best choice for your life.

Note: We only list the name of these apps without rating them. Have a look around and choose the suitable one. 

1. Any.do


Device: Android, iOS, Web

Website: https://www.any.do/

Any.do is the best app for users to stay organized like a reminder of location, upcoming events and the capability of adding notes before event throughout the day.

2.Apple Calendar

Apple Calendar

Device: iOS, macOS, Web

Website: https://support.apple.com/en-vn/guide/calendar/welcome/mac

Apple Calendar is the default tool of Apple devices, which allows you to store data even from other calendars and any calendars using CalDAV.  However, you will see this app notifications on the iOS and macOS notification bars.

3. Cozi


Device: Android, iOS, Web, Windows

Website: https://www.cozi.com/

When you need a calendar app for big families, Cozi is the one you want. It contains multiple calendars, to-do lists, and shopping lists.You can create a main calendar and give access to specific people, such as family members.

4. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2

Device: iOS, macOS

Website: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fantastical-2/id975937182?mt=12

The app is perfect for iOS, macOS users, even that, it can be used on Apple Watch. Fantastical 2 is best-known for its natural-language event creation. It means that you have to pay $50 to experience the full version on macOS, you can interact with the calendar infrequently as you want and still create events.     

5. Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Device: Android, iOS, Web

Website: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.calendar&hl=en_US

Google Calendar is best-known calendar app for Google users, which can create multiple calendars. You can link your Google Calendar with other calendar apps and business apps and services containing calendar apps. This app also integrates with G Suite apps, supporting to create a calendar event from Gmail, checking your co-workers’ schedules alongside your own, etc. However, Google Calendar isn’t used on desktop.

6. Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Device: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows

Website: https://products.office.com/en-US/outlook/email-and-calendar-software-microsoft-outlook

Microsoft Outlook Calendar serves as your personal information manager. When the desktop version can unite your calendar, email, notes, tasks and contacts into one view, the mobile version can also combine calendar and email. Moreover, this app can help you to share  with your teammates.

7. My Study Life

My Study Life

Device: Android, iOS, Web

Website: https://www.mystudylife.com

My Study Life is designed for students and educators. This app deals with exceptional and unusual scedule of education, keeps track of assignment process or exams.

8. Thunderbird Lightning Calendar

Thunderbird Lightning Calendar

Device: Linux, macOS, Windows

Website: https://www.thunderbird.net/

Thunderbird Lightning Calendar

Best personal calendar app for combining with email and tasks

9. TimePage by Moleskine

TimePage by Moleskine

Device: iOS

Website: https://us.moleskine.com/timepage/p0486

Timepage has the same minimalist design as the paper books, which makes it one of the most beautiful calendar apps for IPhone and Ipad. The user interface of this app is quite easy, supporting sound effects and especially alerts before rain and a daily session. However, it’s not a free app, at $1.99/month.       

10. TimeTree


Device: Android, iOS, Web

Website: https://timetreeapp.com

With TimeTree, you can create any kinds of calendars up to your purposes. For example, you can use it for personal, family, friends, work, relationship or group.   

11. aCalendar


Device: Android

Website: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.withouthat.acalendar&hl=en

aCalendar has an friendly-navigating interface with three display selections: month, week, and day. Besides its time planning function, aCalendar is your reminder about special dates or events. It also has data transfered via NFC and full-screen widgets.   

12. Cal Calendar

Cal Calendar

Device: Android, iOS

Website: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cal-shared-calendar-daily-organizer-weekly-planner/id648287824?mt=8

Cal Calendar is a product of Any.do and appears recently on the mobile market. Due to the same producer, Cal Calendar and Any.do To-do List have the direct connection. In addition, Cal can support for Exchange and Google Calendar, widgets, voice recording, and many more.     

13. Business Calendar

Business Calendar

Device: Android

Website: http://www.appgenix-software.com/

Like the name of the app, Business Calendar is used for work purposes and planning. It supports for planning cases, tasks, and events by just a few clicks. This app is not free, you have to purchase to experience full features.

14. CalenGoo


Device: iOS

Website: http://calengoo.dgunia.de/docs/

CalenGoo is one of the oldest calendar applications that have been on the market. Even the interface is quite old, the program still works efficiently, including support for Evernote and Google Calendar. It is also a reminder of your tasks/works and help you to send data to other people or an email address if necessary.  

15. Calendar Widget: Month

Calendar Widget: Month

Device: Android


Calendar Widget: Month not only has features of an ordinary calendar but also has more than 80 themes in its library. It is a simple and affordable calendar to plan your tasks and events in one month.

15 Best Calendar Apps For Android, Iphone and Ipad
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