Aldi Store Hours: What Time Does Aldi Open and Close?

Knowing Aldi’s opening and closing times is important for shoppers trying to find the best deals and avoid crowds. Aldi’s rotating weekly specials and limited inventory make store hours a key factor in saving money.

This article provides a summary of Aldi’s standard store hours including variations by day of the week and location. Factors that impact store hour changes are explained along with tips for deal hunting at times with fewer shoppers.

What Time Does Aldi Open?

Here’s how I’d break down a section on Aldi opening times:

Most Aldi stores open between 8-10 AM every day except Sunday. Many locations begin daily operations at 9 AM on weekdays and 10 AM on weekends.

Aldi opens one half hour earlier on Mondays to accommodate early shoppers. And some stores open as early as 8 AM to provide a full eight or nine hour day Monday through Saturday.

Arriving shortly after opening is key, as Aldi often has the most stock of popular deals and fresh produce early in the day. The first shoppers get the pick of the weekly specials and closeout items. Plan to arrive within 30 minutes of opening for the best selection, especially for in-demand products.

What Time Does Aldi Close?

Here’s how I would cover Aldi closing times:

Most Aldi stores close between 8 – 10 PM on weekdays and 4 – 8 PM on weekends, depending on location and day. Stores tend to close one to two hours earlier on Sundays.

Aldi closing times vary more than opening hours, based partly on staffing and local demand. Stores in rural areas may close as early as 7 or 8 PM on weekdays while urban locations regularly stay open until 10 PM.

If possible, aim to arrive at least 30 minutes before the posted closing time. Aldi employees begin wrapping up operations and checking out remaining customers 15-30 minutes before official closing. Arriving earlier ensures you have time to shop thoroughly and check out before the store closes for the night.

Be sure to double check the latest closing time for your local Aldi. Hours may change seasonally or due to remodels, so the time posted on Aldi’s store locator may not be current. Call your nearest Aldi location to confirm their hours of operation for the day you plan to shop.

Find best deals and coupons at Aldi

Here are the updated tips for finding deals and coupons at Aldi:

• Check Aldi’s weekly ad – Aldi releases a new ad each week with upcoming special buys and limited time deals. Their best discounts are often featured in these weekly promotions.

• Shop on Wednesdays – Aldi rotates new special buy items and Aldi Finds on Wednesdays, so this is typically the best day to find the newest items at a discount.

• Look for double and triple coupon weeks – Aldi occasionally offers select store coupon valid for a higher denomination, like $0.50 or $1.00, for a limited time. Stock up on favorite items during these promos.

• Snap App pictures in store – Using the Aldi Snap app, take pictures of Aldi products while shopping to receive coupons later. Submit your receipt to earn Snap reward coupons for your next trip.

• Check partner coupon sites like, and – These sites sometimes feature Aldi-specific coupon codes for dollar-off purchases or buying certain products. in particular often highlights Aldi promotions.

• Prioritize produce – Aldi often features their lowest prices on fruits and vegetables. Check the weekly ad for what’s in season and on special.

• Consider Aldi Finds – Aldi Finds are limited-time only deals on non-grocery items. Check back each week to see the newest special buys with major discounts, but quantities are limited.

• Use Cashback Monitor – Sites like BeFrugal and Cashback Monitor offer cash back when shopping at Aldi. This effectively functions like a coupon and can help you save even more.

By Jon Martindale

Jon Martindale is a New York-based writer specializing in product reviews, deals and coupons. His mission is to help readers make smart purchasing decisions by highlighting the best products on the market at the most affordable prices.

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