15 + top color palette generators for designers and web developers

Do you want to design your website or simply make a poster design for the assignment without knowing how to choose the suitable color tones? These 15 + websites below will make it easier to get your inspiration in choosing color palette.

Note that: We only list the name of the tools without rating them…Have a look around and choose the best for you.

1. COLOURLovers

COLOURLovers is an extremely large color palette library and updated very often. Here, you can explore color palettes according to different categories like New, Most Loved, or Most Comments.
In particular, at this website, you can also find the color palette ideas of famous websites like Pandora or Twitter. Those who wish to design their own website can consult this site.

Website: https://www.colourlovers.com/palettes


Coolors.co is a very useful website for those who want to create their own color palette. Like COLOURLover, you can choose to view colors in different categories like Best, Latest or Picks (Author’s Choice).

Website: https://coolors.co/

Adobe Color CC

Like Coolors.co, this website will give you the freedom to create. In particular, Adobe Color also lets you choose different Color Rules for the color palette such as Analogous, or Triad. In addition, you can create the color palette with its functions (Colorful, Bright, Muted, etc.) from any images. And here, you can continue to design as you like through Custom mode.

Website: https://color.adobe.com/create/color-wheel/

Stylify me

Stylify me brings about style experience from colors, fonts, sizing, and spacing for the users.
Website: http://stylifyme.com/


Paletton assists the designers in making perfect color combinations.
Website: http://paletton.com/

Color- Hex

Like Adobe Color CC, Color- hex offers a color selection from monochromatic, triad, analogous, or shades. This website allows us to visualize our palette in different color models like RGB, HSL, HSV, and CMYK. It also has CSS color picker for text-shadows,backgrounds, etc.
Website: https://www.color-hex.com/

Color by Hailpixel

Color by Hailpixel has a new and interesting approach to generate palettes on this website.
Website: https://color.hailpixel.com/

Colour Code

Besides creating palettes, Colour Code allows you to create harmonies . It also has a list of color models such as SCSS, LESS and PNG.
Website: https://colourco.de/


Sip is a tool used for Mac and Iphone. It assists you in creating color palettes from photos and sharing to other different devices.

Cohesive Colors

Like the name of the tool, Cohesive Colors help you to deal with creating even palette layers.
Website: https://javier.xyz/cohesive-colors/


Colr is a design website specialising in generating Flickr image. It can search over 17K color palettes and match words based on their color relativity.


Palettr offers a list of palettes according to season, theme and place for the users to choose easily.

Mudcube Color Sphere

Mudcube Color Sphere has large sliders which support to generate more detail color palettes. It also allows to visualize the color model in .Al and .ACO files.

Color Combos

Color Combos is an easy and simple tool for generating a palette even if you are not a professional designer, it has a random combo generator.


If you want to find another color combination or new, unique patterns, you can see it at Colrd.
Website: http://colrd.com/

Color Hunter

Color Hunter helps you to design your palette by suggesting previous themes saved in its archives.
Website: http://colorhunter.com/


Another useful tool for designers is Pictaculous. It has the same interface as COLOURLovers and Adobe

Color CC.

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